Podcaster Tim Pool Got “Swatted” Live On The Air…Here’s What it Means and Why He Could’ve Been Killed

Podcaster Tim Pool Got “Swatted” Live On The Air…Here’s What it Means and Why He Could’ve Been Killed

I don’t know if everyone knows what the term “swatted” means.


I will explain it my easy-peasy laymen terms:

Swatting got popular among gamers who were playing video games online with hordes of other people. When rivalries or dustups occurred between gamers, they would sometimes “swat” each other – that means they’d anonymously call the police and falsely report some horrific crime taking place at the person’s address.

It was a “prank” call…

The cops don’t know it’s a prank, so they show up, guns drawn, and all hell breaks loose.

It’s VERY dangerous. People and pets have been killed and injured thanks to swatting.

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It’s one of the most evil “pranks” to do to someone. Not only is it horrific for the victim, but you’re also putting police officers in harm’s way and wasting their time on a prank, when they could be helping actual people in need.

I can’t stress enough how dangerous and dumb this prank is, yet people keep doing it.

Well, speaking of “swatting,” … popular podcaster Tim Pool was just “swatted” last night, live on the air, while filming his show.


Here’s the backstory of what happened: “Someone called Police and said they shot and killed two people and were going to kill more Police were told not to enter without a warrant but said they didn’t need one due to exigent circumstances. This is a large house used as a production studio with many employees on site”

Here’s what happened:

Thank God nobody was hurt or killed, but I am sure you can see now how easily something could have gone wrong.

Here’s security cam footage of cops arriving. As Tim points out, had one of his employees not gone outside and calmed things down, it could have been a blood bath.

This is why “swatting” is so horrific and dangerous and anyone who does it should be severely punished.

And speaking of the person who did it… there’s now a reported image of the man who “swatted” Tim Pool.

Take a look:

I’m gonna go out on a limb and say this person is probably a liberal, since Tim Pool, while not a “MAGA” type, is certainly becoming more and more “red-pilled” each day, thanks to the insane commies on the left.


Let’s hope they find the person who did this and make an example of them, so this nonsense can stop.

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