[VIDEO] Turn Up The Sound! Listen to This Crowd GO WILD As #FreedomTruckers Pass Through Toronto

[VIDEO] Turn Up The Sound! Listen to This Crowd GO WILD As #FreedomTruckers Pass Through Toronto

The #FreedomTruckers are rolling and they’re getting stronger with every mile.


The Canadian convoy of truckers has taken to the road to protest the Draconian COVID vax mandates installed by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

There are several convoys coming from three different directions, and we’re told there are about 100K people total involved in the convoys.

That’s a ton of people, yet, Justin Trudeau has called them a “small/fringe” group who do not represent Canadians or their values.

He also said they “think inappropriately,” whatever that’s supposed to mean.


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Well, we’ll see about that, Mr. Blackface.

They estimate the truckers will arrive in Ottawa tomorrow.

Right now they’re passing through the very liberal city of Toronto, but you wouldn’t know it by the rowdy crowd gathered on the freeway to cheer them on.

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Turn the sound up and enjoy!

You can watch the video below:

This is the scene just outside of Quebec City:

The Canadian truckers have inspired so many people. I know Americans are cheering them on, as well as many other freedom-loving patriots all around the world.

And it is a fight for freedom… freedom of choice and freedom to live and work and take care of your family on your own terms – the way God intended it to be.


Keep on truckin’ Canada!

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