Video Emerges of Pelosi’s “Transportation Committee” Pick, Unable to Park and “Repeatedly” Hitting a Car

Video Emerges of Pelosi’s “Transportation Committee” Pick, Unable to Park and “Repeatedly” Hitting a Car

If you want a perfect example of how inept and backward our government is, I’ve got the perfect video for you.


Nancy Pelosi wants Democrat Eleanor Holmes Norton to lead the transportation committee.

The new position results from Biden’s infrastructure bill.

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Right now Norton chairs the Highways and Transit Subcommittee.

And the woman can’t drive.

That’s right, the woman who is all about “transportation” can’t drive to save her life.

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The cameras were rolling as Ms. Norton was trying to park her car, and the only thing missing was the clown music.

But not only does she not know how to park, but she also hits the car next to her repeatedly, and then just shuffled off, leaving the scene of the crime.



You can watch the video below:

We are being run and led by confused senior citizens.

I can’t imagine letting this befuddled woman babysit my pet rock, let alone be in charge of anything that might affect my life in some way.


Much like the buffoon occupying the White House, this woman should also be at home, sipping tea and enjoying her grandkids… not part of the US government.

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