Texas Republican Just Found a Fool-Proof Way to Beat The Censors at Their Own Game

Texas Republican Just Found a Fool-Proof Way to Beat The Censors at Their Own Game

Congressman Troy Nehls of Texas just figured out a way to beat the Big Tech censors at their own game, and it’s a devilishly smart idea.


As you likely know by now, the Joe Rogan podcast featuring Dr. Malone has been heavily censored by YouTube.

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They’re removing all the uploaded videos of the full episode. Of course, countless other Joe Rogan episodes are on YouTube, but for “some” reason this one can’t be… They say it’s “copyright” issues, I say BS. We all know why it’s been removed, it’s not a big mystery.

You can still catch the episode on Spotify (for now), but it’s not the same as the massive accessibility of YouTube.

One topic that Dr. Malone covered on the show, was how half the country appears to have gone bonkers over this virus. Dr. Malone says there’s a perfectly good explanation for this lunacy we’re seeing… It’s called Mass Formation Psychosis.

So, what is Mass Formation Psychosis?

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Here’s the definition posted online: Mass formation psychosis is when a large part of a society focuses its attention to a leader (s) or a series of events and their attention focuses on one small point or issue. Followers can be hypnotized and be led anywhere, regardless of data proving otherwise.


And right after Dr. Malone talked about Mass Formation Psychosis, this happened when you’d type it into Google:

Pretty strange, right?

Well, it’s clear that the censorship overlords are hard at work.

And that’s where Congressman Nehls comes in.

He’s figured out a way to skirt around the Big Tech censors, and he’s using Congress to do it.

How so?

Well, take a look:

Today, I submitted the transcript from the @joerogan experience podcast episode #1757 with Dr. Robert Malone to the Congressional Record. Big tech wants to restrict your access to this information- but they cannot censor the Congressional Record.”

I love this idea!

I truly appreciate it when politicians get creative and think outside of the box and come up with new and clever ways to beat the Dems.


Sometimes these ideas will work, and sometimes they won’t – and that’s okay – just as long as they keep trying to come up with clever workarounds that keep us on a positive trajectory.

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