Watch: Trucker BLASTS HORN While Filming Crowds Cheering on Massive “Anti-Vax Mandate” Convoy

Watch: Trucker BLASTS HORN While Filming Crowds Cheering on Massive “Anti-Vax Mandate” Convoy

Listen to that horn honk.


That’s the sound of freedom… and that’s what’s happening right now in Canada, as a massive convoy of truckers is heading to the country’s capital of Ottawa, to protest vax mandates.

The convoy is huge and they’re making their way from New Brunswick to Ottawa.

We actually have an UPDATE on the number of trucks and people in this convoy and it’s impressive, to say the least:

“BREAKING: The number of truckers, family members and supporters descending on Ottawa is now estimated at 500,000 people 50,000+ trucks. Yes, you read that right. Estimated half a million people.”

Take a look at that line of big rigs:

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Canada is facing down its own bare shelves nightmare.

And just like here in the US, the political liberal elites are trying to pretend it isn’t happening:

MORE NEWS: [VIDEO] Thousands and Thousands of Patriots Flood Lincoln Memorial to Protest Vax Mandates

And citizens are lashing out at Trudeau.

And things are about to get worse, as the truckers say “enough is enough” and plan to jam everything up with their anti-vax convoy.

And the people of Canada couldn’t be happier.


These truckers appreciate the crowds supporting them, and the crowds appreciate the truckers, who have so much power, standing up for them.

Like I said earlier, listen to that horn honk!

And look at the freeway overpasses:

You can literally see and feel the tide turning. Patriots are getting back in control… and this is just the beginning.


Keep pushing and keep fighting for justice!

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