[VIDEO] Trump Just Set the Record Straight On Him and DeSantis, Once and For All

[VIDEO] Trump Just Set the Record Straight On Him and DeSantis, Once and For All

The media are really trying to whip up a war between President Trump and Governor DeSantis.


They’re putting out story after story about this big “rift” growing between the two conservative powerhouses.

Rumors going around DC point to a certain Republican senator being behind all of it.

A little worm you might know, who goes by the name Mitch McConnell.

So, here’s how the rumor goes:

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The GOP establishment and NeverTrumpers do not want President Trump, so they’re scrambling to find an alternative that will actually “work” at stopping him because they’ve finally realized that people like Ed Mc Muffin (or whatever his name is) can’t do the trick.

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So, the rumor is the establishment and NeverTrumpers have reluctantly endorsed the idea of a “President DeSantis” because, while they don’t “like” him, they think they could control him far easier than they can control President Trump.

That’s the rumor.

So, the story goes that Mitch and his minions are planting these “war” stories in the media to stir things up and divide the movement.

Regardless of if you believe that or not, President Trump has come out and set the record straight once and for all.

No, there is no war between Trump and DeSantis.


It’s fake news, and the two are very close friends.

You can watch the video below:

Okay, can we stop with this nonsense now?

All it’s doing is dividing people, and that’s NEVER good for our movement.


As it stands now, DeSantis has made it clear he’s not running for anything but Florida Governor.

And if he were to run, he’d likely only do it with President Trump’s blessing.

So, time to move on, and focus on 2022.

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