Trump Sends Brutal “Secret Message” to RINO Dan Crenshaw During His Texas Rally

Trump Sends Brutal “Secret Message” to RINO Dan Crenshaw During His Texas Rally

Last night President Trump held a banger of a rally in Conroe, Texas.


As usual, President Trump was on fire. One of my favorite parts of the rally was when he talked about the January 6 political prisoners and he said (referring to 2024) if they need a pardon, they’ll get a pardon.

Amazing, and that’s what we want to hear!


President Trump was on-point the entire rally, and he hit every topic outta the park.


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And as far as the crowd, I think it could set a record for one of his biggest rallies ever.

Take a look:

The guy who lost the race draws crowds like this:

And the buffoon who supposedly “won” the race draws crowds like this:

Nobody with half a brain believes this nonsense.

We live in a “clown world” at this point.

And speaking of “clowns,” during last night’s rally, President Trump sent a very loud, yet “silent” message to RINO Dan Crenshaw.

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In true Trump fashion, he made his feelings known about Dan – loud and clear and without saying a word.

Conservative pundit Alex Bruesewitz noticed what Trump did and pointed it out on Twitter.

Here’s what Alex said:

If you thought President Trump was “establishment,” him ignoring RINO @DanCrenshawTX after recognizing every other Texas member there proves otherwise. Donald J. Trump will never sell his soul the Swamp, I can promise you that.”

Indeed, it’s very obvious that Trump isn’t a fan of Crenshaw, nor should he be, the guy is a total snake.

Dan has always been a closet NeverTrumper. He won’t come out and show his true colors like Kinzinger or Cheney do, but he believes the same way they do and has always used every opportunity to passive-aggressively slam President Trump and the America First agenda.

That’s no secret.

Dan is a “Paul Ryan” establishment Republican. He recently admitted that he goes to Paul Ryan for political advice — that should tell you all you need to know about Dan Crenshaw and his politics and why he should be booted from the party.


I am telling you this – if we don’t get rid of Dan Crenshaw now, he will root himself into the party and we’ll never get rid of him. He’ll be another McCain, Flake, and Romney and a thorn in our side.

Let’s hope the good people of Texas realize this and send him packing in the primary.

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