Get Ready For It! TV Network Decides To Gender-Swap - Zorro, The Latino Superhero!

Get Ready For It! TV Network Decides To Gender-Swap - Zorro, The Latino Superhero!

Even while I can’t claim that I foresaw this happening in today’s Hollywood culture, I don’t think it comes as a surprise.

I grew up watching Zorro, whether it was via a Disney film or comic books. It was incredible to feel the pride of being a Latino superhero battling for right and bringing down evil. Even though I never thought of Zorro as a Latino hero, the man in black was a sight to see, particularly as he rode his black horse over the desert.

Then there’s the ludicrous. The CW network will air a new series about the masked vigilante Zorro, which will be directed by Robert Rodriguez, who also wrote and directed the film. According to the plot, the program will follow the exploits of a “Latinx” girl who is out for vengeance after her father was murdered.

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However, although the Zorro property has existed for decades, Hollywood has been unable to truly materialize a film involving the masked vigilante in recent years, since multiple projects have been shelved due to a variety of reasons. Robert Rodriguez will now helm a television series that will take the character of Zorro in a ‘new direction,’ according to the publication Deadline.

A proud Latina woman takes on the role of the usually male protagonist in this new iteration of the series, which was initially produced for NBC. She seeks vengeance against those who killed her father in the first season. After discovering a hidden organization, she assumes the criminal character of Zorro in order to quench her need for blood. The change is a significant shift from the fundamental concepts that characterized ‘The Zorro,’ and fans have already expressed their displeasure with the proposal.

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In particular, many users expressed displeasure with the Deadline article’s use of the term ‘Latinx,’ which is widely used to denote Latinos while avoiding the use of gendered language. This is although only 3 percent of Hispanics actually use the term, and many others consider it to be a slur.

Although it is unclear when the new ‘Zorro’ series will premiere, Robert Rodriguez will have his work cut out for him given the CW’s reputation for underperforming shows that are often marred by overly progressive virtue signaling and poor writing.

This is especially true given the premise of his upcoming project.



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