During A Live Broadcast, A TV Reporter Gets Hit By A Car But Quickly Recovers To Finish The Report!!

During A Live Broadcast, A TV Reporter Gets Hit By A Car But Quickly Recovers To Finish The Report!!

It is a common saying in media circles that “the news never sleeps.” In fact, it was a slogan that TV reporter Tori Yorgey, of NBC Huntington, West Virginia station WSAZ, took to heart when she was hit by a vehicle during a live shoot before she collapsed and got back up to continue her story.

Yorgey was on the scene of a Dunbar water main break when the event occurred on Wednesday night.

When a vehicle pulls up behind her and hits her in the rear, she is facing the camera. In amazement, Yorgey yanks himself forward and exclaims, “Oh my God. Car struck me, but I’m OK; my camera fell on the ground!”


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“That’s live television for you! ” “Then she adds with a smile. “Everything is fine! In college, I was involved in a similar accident when I was struck by a vehicle. Oh my my, I’m so relieved!

Recovering gracefully, Yorgey repairs the camera and lights, then resumes reporting on her water break. An apology can be heard from the motorist that struck her on the video, and she responds, “Ma’am, you’re a sweetheart and you’re OK.”

Her co-host in the studio, Yorgey’s co-host Tim, added, “That lady was very sweet, however. She had no intention of doing it. There is no doubt in my mind that it was an accident.

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Instantly switching back to the subject at hand, she said: “Again Tim, let’s go back to the report.” Roxalana Hills Drive in Dunbar is the location of the water break.

Although she still has some discomfort in her back and right leg, 25-year-old Yorgey told NBC News that she’s alright following the event.

My bones weren’t fractured, so I went to the doctor. For a short time, they expect me to be painful. She stated she “blacked out” when she fell and had to get back up since the event happened so rapidly.

In her words, “I was standing there staring at the camera and as I’m literally going to speak, I just felt like a huge old hit in my back and I just saw the vehicle,” she said.

It was as if a wheel had fallen out from under me, “She had a flashback. “In that moment, I feared I was going to get ran over. It was a terrifying experience.”

Yorgey said that she had no recollection of falling and rising from the ground. Just get back up if you can is her initial impulse.

According to Yorgey, she instantly reassured the motorist who struck her that she was okay, saying that the driver, as well as water employees in the area where she was shooting, checked on her.

“When I looked at the lady behind the wheel, her face was contorted with horror “said she, “Inevitably, mishaps occur. I was obligated to tell her that I was OK.”

Yorgey described herself as a “one-woman band” in her employment, frequently reporting from the field on her own, as she did on Wednesday night.

Yorgey didn’t skip a beat after the fall, and returned to reporting as soon as possible. That’s why I didn’t leave, and why I remained performing the live shoot,” Yorgey said.

In response, she said, “I really like my work, and I wouldn’t swap it for anything.”




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