Things Go Hilariously Wrong When This Viral Twitter Poll Ask Users Grade Biden

Things Go Hilariously Wrong When This Viral Twitter Poll Ask Users Grade Biden

Joe Biden is coming up on his one-year anniversary of occupying the White House.


And what a year it’s been, right? Shocked we’re still here to talk about it.

As we come to the one-year mark, Joe Biden is by far the most unpopular so-called “president” of all time.

Aside from all his failed policies – and they are really bad – Joe Biden is a man struggling to hold it together, mentally and physically.

He looks and sounds like a babbling buffoon.

And that’s actually nothing new for Joe. He’s always been a laughingstock and a punchline. That’s why Obama didn’t want Joe to run. Nobody has ever taken him seriously.

That hasn’t changed.

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But what has changed is Joe Biden is now suffering from some “medical issues” that are causing severe senility symptoms. And now, he’s not only a laughingstock, but he’s also a confused, bumbling laughingstock.

And even though the media and politicians won’t admit it, that’s one of the biggest reasons Americans don’t trust or respect him as a leader. It’s a real problem for him too. Because while Joe can change his policies and his stance on issues, he can’t change his brain.

So, Joe Biden is in a pickle… and he’s so out of it that doesn’t even know why.

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Today, during a disastrous presser, he was asked about some of his biggest failures and his response was to claim that he’s actually exceeding Americans’ expectations.

That proves how insane Joe Biden truly is.

It also doesn’t help that so many Americans believe that Joe Biden is an illegitimate “president.” It’s almost impossible to imagine this bungling buffoon earned 81 million legal votes.

So, as we inch closer to the one-year mark the popular Twitter account “Breaking 911” put out a poll, asking users to “grade” Joe Biden’s first year.

And you’d think with 81 million supporters, Joe would fair pretty well, right?

Well, no, actually that’s not what happened.

As a matter of fact, Joe is bombing in the poll.


The poll still has 6 days to go, but right now, with almost 30 thousand votes as of this publishing, Joe Biden has earned a resounding “F.”

Almost 85 percent of the people who voted gave Joe an “F” grade.

Nearly 10 percent gave him a D.

About 3 percent gave him a B and 2.5 percent gave him an “A.”

The people who gave him an A and B must be smoking crack.


Here’s the poll, if you’d like to vote:

Here’s what people online are saying:

“Biden is the worst president in history. Worse than Jimmy Carter”

“Who said A? I’m gonna need to know what they are smokin?”

“We all know that Biden isn’t even in the White House. He’s being forced to read scripts written by the Davos group in front of a green screen”

“Is there something below F”

“D. Him and his administration have at least supplied us with comedy.”

“Doesn’t look good for the legacy social media.”

“I’m sad it stopped at F. I wanted to give him a Z.”

“When you see the results of this poll remember that this is a much larger sample size than most media polls.”

“Let’s see how many commies, gaslighters, and woketopian pundits will claim that “this poll isn’t accurate.”

Sadly for Joe, this is an accurate poll.

His 90s-style politics do not fool the American people like they used to. Joe hasn’t evolved with the times.

It’s a whole different beast when social media and right-wing news are part of the equation.

Joe is now going up against the “new right”

We’re a lot different from how we were back when he and Obama were in office.


We fight back now.

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