[VIDEO] Thousands and Thousands of Patriots Flood Lincoln Memorial to Protest Vax Mandates

[VIDEO] Thousands and Thousands of Patriots Flood Lincoln Memorial to Protest Vax Mandates

Today tens of thousands of patriotic Americans are descending upon Washington, DC once again.


It’s been about a year since they did this – we all remember January 6th and the FBI nightmare that unfolded – but patriots are back and they’re protesting vax mandates in front of the Lincoln Memorial.

Dr. Robert Malone, who was recently banned from Twitter for speaking the truth, pushed heavily the protest.

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Notable speakers will include anti-mandate proponents like Del Bigtree, founder of the anti-vaccine group Informed Consent Action Network, and Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the son of the slain senator and former attorney general,  and truth-speaker and former CBS investigative reporter Lara Logan

You can watch the videos below:

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It’s great to see our side get back out there and let their voices be heard.


Same with yesterday’s “March for Life.” It was so successful and so many people turned out.


The January 6th setup scared a lot of good people from coming out and protesting… so it’s good to see that we’re shaking off that bad energy and getting out there again.

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