[VIDEO] Fact Checkers Debunk Walgreens New Beverage Coolers…They’re NOT Scanning The “Mark of The Beast”

[VIDEO] Fact Checkers Debunk Walgreens New Beverage Coolers…They’re NOT Scanning The “Mark of The Beast”


1/11/22: There is no verifiable evidence to suggest these coolers or screens are scanning for the mark of the beast. Instead, they the Cooler Screens freezer and refrigerator doors are designed to provide targeted advertisements to shoppers in hopes they purchase something. The original source appears to have been a joke on TikTok or other social platforms.

Source: Politico Fact Checker

I am not a “conspiracy theorist.”

But I’ll tell you what I am… I’m now open-minded to almost anything, thanks to our screwy government that has done stuff I never dreamed possible.

Every day, I watch as Joe Biden, a man who clearly suffers with raging Alzheimer’s, pretends to be the “president,” and everyone acts like it’s normal, and nothing is wrong.


I also watch as so-called “expert scientists” flipped and flopped like dead fish over masks, mandates, and vaccines, and were totally wrong on everything.

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None of it made any sense, and the people who were called “conspiracy kooks” ended up being right.

So, when I hear a new “conspiracy theory” I don’t just write it off. I listen and then do some research and I see if there’s any basis for the theory.

And that’s exactly what I did when I came upon this kinda kooky-sounding video clip about Walgreens creepy new beverage coolers.

Sure, when you first watch it, and the young guy is talking about the Holy Spirt and the “sign of the beast,” some could laugh it off and ignore it.

Or, you could actually listen to what he’s saying, throw out some of the fluff, and dig deeper to see what’s really going on, and that’s what I did.

And I discovered some interesting things…

While I don’t know if Walgreens’ new “high-tech” beverage coolers are a sign of the times and something from the devil, I do know after researching, that they’re definitely creepy, and infringe on privacy, and could 100 percent be used for nefarious purposes by people with an agenda.

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Here’s the gist of the clip:

A young guy believes Walgreens is using “biblical” technology (The “sign of the beast” from the book of Revelations) to control the masses.

He says that the technology Walgreens (and many other chain stores) are introducing will make it so that only people with the “mark” can have access to food.

You can watch the video below:

Now, I told you I researched this, and I found something very interesting about these new coolers and the technology behind them.


Digital Trends reported that the next time you go to a Walgreens, check out the coolers. Depending on where you live, they may be checking you out at the same time, according to a report by Circa.

Walgreens is piloting Cooler Screens‘ Internet of Things-enabled cooler screens with cameras that scan shoppers’ faces when they look at the screens. The first “We’re watching you” coolers were installed in a Walgreens in Chicago on January 14. The next two cities in the pilot program are New York and San Francisco.

The basic idea is the coolers collect data for marketers to help them sell more goods to you. Not you, specifically, according to Cooler Screens, but people of your age and gender.

One noticeable difference between the smart fridge screens and conventional coolers is you don’t look through the glass to see actual products with Cooler Screens. You look at a digitized representation of available products, called a planogram.

When you look at a Cooler Screen, you see products organized and neatly lined up with real-time pricing and promotions. No messy shelves, no out of stock signs, and no worn, torn, or dirty products. All of those factors benefit the retailer, who will also be informed of low stock and other real-time issues.

First off, facial recognition technology is highly controversial. What started out as a way to catch “bad guys” has quickly morphed itself into the consumer market, and that’s a slippery slope when it comes to privacy. And just imagine how that type of technology could be used against people?

What if the government decides you’re too “fat” to buy a sugary soda, and when your chubby face is scanned, the door remains locked?

That’s just one idea off the top of my head, I’m sure there are hundreds more scary scenarios we could dream up if we had the time.

The point is, the ability to “lock” a food source based on your face or identity is scary stuff. And while you may look at this and say, “Well, it’s just Cokes and ice tea,” I am telling you that this technology will be integrated into everything in your grocery store as time goes on.

And they will call it “progress,” and expect you to celebrate it.

So, ask yourself…is this guy far off the mark when he says you’ll need a “number” in order to unlock a food source?


Something to think about.


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