UPDATE On Giant Barrier is Going Up Around The White House

UPDATE On Giant Barrier is Going Up Around The White House


Mediaite reporter Jon Nicosia says the reason for the barriers at the White House is because they are “refurbishing” the fountain to make it look good for tourists. 

What’s going on at the White House?


That’s the question many people have right now, as they noticed something very odd happening outside.

There is construction equipment, and a huge concrete barrier going up.

Why on earth are they installing this?

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Here’s a closeup of the photos:



People also said the webcam feed has been cut off.


I checked and as of this writing; they are cut off.

At this writing, I haven’t been able to find any information on why these barriers are up or why the White House feed is not working.

Here’s what folks online are saying:

“Now all they gotta do is seal the exits and fill it up with more concrete.”

“Biden building the wall”

“Strong USSR 1991 energy here”

“They’ve declared war on us and are digging in.”

“It’s to keep Brandon from wandering off.”

“Joe Biden is just making a cool sculpture Stop fearmongering”

“Definitely a rational act of a free and fair republic”

“And the border remains open…”

“I’d say somebody’s planning to do something people won’t like”

The person who mentioned keeping Joe from wandering made me recall the local Delaware resident who said there’s a rumor around town that Jill erected a fence around the Biden beach house to keep Joe from wandering off.


I don’t know if that’s what they’re doing here. I can’t imagine Joe wandering out the front door of the White House, but he is pretty far-gone, so who knows?


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