Newly Unearthed Video Shows Gov. Whitmer Leading an “Insurrection” of an Angry, Violent MOB

Newly Unearthed Video Shows Gov. Whitmer Leading an “Insurrection” of an Angry, Violent MOB

If there as a contest for worse governor in America, Gretchen Whitmer would be a finalist.


She’s awful, because she’s a “Karen.” She and her gaggle of female aides and sidekicks run Michigan like a group of mean girls in high school.

But her days are coming to and end.

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Before her polls started tanking, Gretch was always out front, imposing her rotten policies on everyone. Nowadays, she’s flying under the radar, and hiding out, because her polling sucks and she’s up for re-election.

When Gretchen was elected she ran on fixing the cruddy roads in Michigan.

Four years later, and the roads still suck, and Michigan is still reeling from all her earlier COVID tyrannical lockdowns and rules.

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And if all that’s not bad enough, Whitmer’s hypocrisy has just been stomach-turning.


While she’s telling everyone to stay home and not spend time with family, she’s on a plane jetting off to Florida to visit her father.

She tells Michiganders to wear masks in Restaurants, but pictures of her come out, mask-free at a restaurant with a big smile on her dopey face.

Typical elitist stuff we see all the Dems politicians do.

And speaking of hypocrisy… a newly unearthed video is further highlighting Gretchen’s two-faces.

The video that came out shows Gretchen leading an angry and violent mob inside the Michigan State Capitol, back in 2012, and then bragging about it later.

By the Dems new definition, this would be called an “insurrection.”

You can watch the video below:

This is exactly why you can’t take Dems seriously on anything they say.

Everything they do is a highly plotted political move and isn’t grounded in any authentic passion or truth.

The Dems simply do what they have to do to score points and move their game piece forward.


This is what they’re doing now with January 6th.

Everyone on earth knows what happened that day was not an insurrection, but if they think they can twist it into something that will bring down President Trump and his supporters, they’ll do it.

So, we’ll play by their rule, and call Big Gretch a domestic terrorist.

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