“Astonished” Goldberg Thought She Had Done Everything Not To Get COVID

“Astonished” Goldberg Thought She Had Done Everything Not To Get COVID

Whoopi Goldberg, co-host of “The View,” said she was “shocked” when she realized she had tested positive for coronavirus during the program’s break for the Christmas and New Year’s holidays on Wednesday. “The View” is a talk show that airs on ABC.

The actress said that she was astonished when she got the positive test result since she had been taking all required precautions to prevent getting the virus, according to Goldberg, during a remote appearance on the show while she was at home recuperating.

“Having been exposed to someone who tested positive for coronavirus a few of weeks ago, just before the holiday break, I decided to take a leave of absence. So I’ve been absent for what seems like an eternity “Goldberg made the statement.

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“As a result, I was overjoyed. However, they had to test us, so they sent people to test me, and once they examined me, they told me, ‘Oh no, you’re not coming back.’ We will not be sending anybody to your residence. ‘You have corona on your side.’ And I was thinking, “Wait, what?” “She went on to say more.

According to Goldberg, her surprise stemmed from the fact that she had been completely vaccinated, had had the vaccination booster injection, and had not been outside of her home or “done anything” in the previous two weeks.

“What is true, though, is that you have no idea where the omicron is located in the universe. You have no idea where it is, who has it, or who is sending it around “” she said.

“It’s one of those situations when you feel like you’ve completed all of the tasks assigned to you. Because omicron evolves into a variety that is stronger and more dangerous, we’re going to be dealing with this for the foreseeable future unless everyone is vaccinated against it, which is unlikely to happen “Goldberg went on to say.

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She didn’t do everything she was “supposed to do. ” she did everything she was told to do, but she was listening to people with political and personal agendas more than with scientific and healthcare agendas.

At this point, the United States government, as well as everyone else, should stay out of it. Neither mandatory nor restrictive policies nor closures nor forced medication will be enforced any more. We already know that the virus may be spread readily, regardless of whether you are vaccinated, wearing a mask, or engaging in social distancing.

Anyone who was destined to die as a result of this man-made virus has already perished or is on the verge of perishing. We are in desperate need of herd immunity right now.

Every person should be allowed to make their own decisions about what course of action to follow based on their own health and circumstances. The government’s role should be limited to ensuring that resources for battling this disease are readily accessible to everyone.

We should concentrate on determining who was guilty for this and what punishment they should get. You don’t just build a monster and then set it free on the world. A special committee should look into what happened at the NIH and who was responsible for it.

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