Fans Reject New “WOKE” Superman, Comic Book Sales Drop to “Terrifyingly Low” Levels

Fans Reject New “WOKE” Superman, Comic Book Sales Drop to “Terrifyingly Low” Levels

Well, it looks like the creators of the new “WOKE” Superman comics have heard from their fans loud and clear and it’s probably not what they expected or wanted.


The DC Comics series turned Superman (his son to be exact) “bisexual” and that move is destroying the franchise.

Superman’s son is now the new “face” of the series.

Most of the blame goes to writer Tom Taylor, who made Superman more “inclusive.” He told The Washington Post the idea to make Superman bisexual came to him two years ago.

And today, the sales of the comic book are so bad, people are calling them “terrifyingly low.”

Great job, Tom. Just like with all things “progressive” you ruined Superman.

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Sputnik News reported that the comic series “Superman: Son of Kal-El”, despite being praised by liberal activists for promoting LGBTQ rights with Superman’s son coming out as bisexual, does not seem to be doing very well commercially, according to sales tracking website ICv2.
Despite being the flagship book, “Superman: Son of Kal-El” did not make it to the top 50 chart when looking at total units, and only secured 45th place by dollars.
Many critics have already pointed to the sexual orientation of Jonathan Kent, the son of the iconic superhero Clark Kent, aka Superman, as a possible reason for the commercial misfortunes of the comic book. In “Son of Kal-El”, Jonathan Kent, who inherited his dad’s mantle as the latter travelled to space for a mission, comes out as bisexual and has an affair with reporter Jay Nakamura.

Additionally, the new Superman appears to be a climate activist and no stranger to the liberal agenda. According to the series’ writer, Tom Taylor, today’s Superman could not stand aside when it comes to issues like climate change and migration crises.

However, despite the initial excitement about the changes for the Man of Steel, sales do not seem to reflect the same mood. Even though “Superman: Son of Kal-El #5” was the sixth most sold comic book for the month of November, it did worse than Batman and Dark Knights of Steel. Back in July, it sold 68,800 issues, and plummeted to just 34,000 copies in September.

Here’s what Matt McGloin of Cosic Book News had to say:

“#DCComics sales are really, really bad as fans are only buying #Batman comics, and the woke #Superman is a huge disaster”


And it does not seem that everyone online is fond of how Superman has changed.

“DC Comics replaces Superman with his openly gay son. Puts the new gay Superman kissing his lover on the cover. Turns Superman into a social justice warrior fighting climate change and racial injustice. And DC wonders why their sales have dropped off a cliff? #wokeism”

This can’t really surprise anyone, can it?

Time and time and time again we’ve seen how this “woke” stuff backfires all over the place.


This “woke” garbage works online in a “Twitter bubble.” White liberals love this type of virtue signaling nonsense.

But in the real world, no.

We don’t need someone else’s lifestyle and sexual preferences shoved down our gullets at every turn.

If anything, it’s turning people off to anything “progressive-related.”

Another backfire. 

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