[VIDEO] 2018: Leftists Cheered “Women’s March” Mob Who Stormed Capitol, Blowing Past Capitol Police

[VIDEO] 2018: Leftists Cheered “Women’s March” Mob Who Stormed Capitol, Blowing Past Capitol Police

You probably don’t remember this, but just four short years ago, a mob of angry Feminists blew past police and “took” the Capitol.


And liberals breathlessly celebrated them.

Isn’t that ironic, since those same people spent the Jan 6th anniversary screaming and crying about “democracy” and “terrorism”?

And that angry mob of feminists who stormed the Capitol, admit they were there to TAKE IT.

Here’s what feminist Stephanie said in her tweet: “.@womensmarch just took the Capitol. Women, survivors, and allies walked straight past the police, climbed over barricades, and sat down on the Capitol steps. It was hard not do feel depleted this morning. But I don’t anymore. This was inspiring. We’re ready for this.”

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You can watch the video below:

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Here are the responses:


“Who’s house? Our house!”

“God Bless them! We will no longer be silent! There aren’t barriers big enough to stop us!”

“The People’s House — and police violating our Constitutional rights.”

“Thank you! You’re all heroes!!”

“The seeds of our truth continue to spread throughout the country. This is powerful. And cannot be undone. Silence will no longer hold us prisoner.. we are your mothers sisters. Brothers daughters sons. We are here .. enough us enough..!”

“I hope they do the same thing on Election Day.”

“This makes me cry. Thank you”

“Those of who can’t be there thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We are with you.”

The left’s counter-response to this is that they were “peaceful.”

Well, first off, I have seen left-wing women, and no, they’re not “peaceful.” They’re insane.

But yes, this didn’t turn into a brawl because undercover FBI and left-wing agitators weren’t slithering around, stirring the pot.

Also, most people inside the Capitol on January 6, were invited in. They had the doors held open for them by police, and they strolled around like tourists.

The left can’t have it both ways.


This wasn’t an insurrection, and neither was January 6th.


The only difference is that the entire Deep State, media, Dems, and most of the GOP were against President Trump and his supporters, so our guys didn’t the “kid glove” treatment, that they should have.

We walked into a trap that was set long before we got there.

THAT is the only difference.

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