The Entire State of West Virginia Just Dumped Their “Woke” Bank

The Entire State of West Virginia Just Dumped Their “Woke” Bank

Get woke, go broke.


That’s a phrase more companies should take to heart.

But they don’t, and sadly, many times they get away with this “progressive/communist” behavior because we – the majority – don’t use our purchasing power to send them a message.

But, this time, the entire state of West Virginia got together to send one HUGE message to their cruddy local bank.

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The state of West Virginia has just dumped their woke bank, “BlackRock,” over their anti-energy stance.


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Fox Business reported that West Virginia state Treasurer Riley Moore announced Monday that his state would end the use of a BlackRock Inc. investment fund over the firm’s push for climate-focused investment strategies that Moore says threaten his state’s economy.


“As the state’s chief financial officer and chairman of the Board of Treasury Investments, I have a duty to ensure that taxpayer dollars are managed in a responsible, financially sound fashion which reflects the best interests of our state and country, and I believe doing business with BlackRock runs contrary to that duty,” Moore said in a statement.

People are trolled to see West Virginia fighting back:

“This is something I can definitely get behind, West Virginia. #BlackListBlackRock”

“This is how you deal with woke companies.”


“Fkn-a rite! 🇺🇸 First!”

“@GreggAbbott_TX Take note and follow suit.”

“About gd time I see something like this. Now we’re talking.”

“And this is how the new Right plays. Take note @GOP”

“This guy is a leader. We need more like him.”

GOOD! This is what all of us should be doing.


We should be dropping woke companies like hot potatoes… trust me, they won’t be “woke” for much longer after that.

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