Shock! YouTube Reverses Censorship Of Music Video Taken Down Which Seemed To Criticize Brandon Biden!

Shock! YouTube Reverses Censorship Of Music Video Taken Down Which Seemed To Criticize Brandon Biden!

A music video by singer-songwriter John Ondrasik, better known as Five for Fighting, was removed from YouTube after it sparked uproar by criticizing President Joe Biden and his disorderly withdrawal from Afghanistan. YouTube has apologized for inciting outrage by deleting the music video.

A statement released on Friday by Ondrasik decried the corporation for pulling his film because it included images of “Taliban atrocities,” while other videos containing comparable material stayed up and were even being monetized at the time.

For the singer, not showing the Taliban’s crimes in any creative statement about Afghanistan would be a “gross disservice to the victims” and “would encourage the Taliban’s continuous persecution of 40 million Afghan residents.”

Aside from real-world imagery of the Taliban, the video for “Blood on My Hands” opens with Vice President Biden asserting that the Afghan government would not be overthrown. After 20 years in Afghanistan, US soldiers were forced to evacuate in a disorderly manner, with 13 service members dying in a Kabul explosion, according to Biden’s remarks. The Taliban retook control of the country soon after Biden’s remarks. Ondrasik, who is best known for popular songs like as ‘100 Years’ and ‘Superman,’ is also seen in the video, singing outside the White House in the background.

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YouTube issued an apology this week for suppressing the video, claiming that it was a “mistake” on their part. Blood on My Hands has acquired more than 250,000 views in a few of days before it was removed from the site.

However, while Ondrasik acknowledged receiving the apology, he went on to criticize political bias in “Big Tech” and called into question the reasoning of a YouTube spokesperson who claimed that a graphic content warning was required despite the fact that one had already been provided by Ondrasik as well as by YouTube itself.

Without the “outcry” from fans and conservatives, according to the singer’s subsequent tweet, it’s probable that YouTube would not have taken any action to correct the problem.

Using the example of Rumble, a YouTube alternative platform that is claimed to be popular among conservatives, he wrote: “The only true answer is other platforms in order to destroy the monopoly.” In addition, the music video has been uploaded on the site.

According to Ondrasik, the song is not intended to be a political message, but rather a moral one. He says he was inspired to create it after learning from a friend that they were trying to discreetly evacuate American residents who had not been part of the official evacuation from Afghanistan out of the country. He completed composing the song the night before Vice President Biden delivered a speech in which he described the pullout as a “amazing achievement.”

Currently, most social media networks filter their users using a computer algorithm, with the sole human aspect being a bunch of pimpled awake adolescents who are overseen by a progressive organization.

It’s important to realize that YouTube doesn’t take anything down by accident. It is unlikely that the whole globe would be yelling “Let Brandon go” if biden was all of that and also performing his job.

Whatever it was that people believed they were voting for, it seems like their desires are turning to muck, don’t you think? Unless you are a member of one of the wealthiest families in the United States, your student debts will not be paid off. Have you forgotten that Joe Biden served as Barack Obama’s Vice President and the heinous damage that the two of them inflicted on the United States’ political structure?

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