Locals in Quaint English Town Mistook Alec Baldwin For a “Hobo” 

Locals in Quaint English Town Mistook Alec Baldwin For a “Hobo” 

I read this story and literally busted out laughing.


It’s always great when something humiliating happens to Alec Baldwin. God knows he deserves it.

Not sure if you’re aware of this, but Alec is in the UK right now. That’s right, he’s back to work, after killing his cinematographer.

No big deal, right? 🙄

Alec is filming another low-budget cruddy movie that nobody will watch. Let’s just hope everyone on the set stays alive this time.

While Alec was filming “97 Minutes,” he took a break and was walking around the little English town making a video about the “quaint cobblestone” streets, and instead of looking like a “Hollywood A-lister,” the locals mistook him for a “rambling hobo.”

Ha ha ha!

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Radar Online reported that Alec Baldwin decided to visit the lovely little town of Alton in England and film a heartfelt video imagining what it would be like to grow up on the cobble streets. His sentiment backfired miserably when the people of the Hampshire county town thought the actor was a homeless man rambling off nonsense on their street.

The 30 Rock star has been staying at a $128-per-night hotel while filming his next project, 97 Minutes, so that didn’t help his cover.

But after he left a local supermarket, he experienced a case of mistaken identity.
“Whenever I come to places like this, whenever I travel, when I’m away from home and the US, I look at little places like this and think what it would be like to live here,” the actor said in an Instagram video while walking through the streets.


“I started to figure it out once I left home, once I saw what other people were like, different from me. When you’re around people who have options, their ambitions are contagious,” he continued.

The townspeople saw Baldwin filming, but thought he was just a “hobo.”

Caroline Benham told Daily Mail that she confused the actor for a rambling “hobo” walking down the street.

This couldn’t happen to a more deserving jerk.

Alec Baldwin is a narcissistic egomaniac, so you know it has to kill that he was mistaken for a crazy homeless guy rambling.


Karama really is having a field day with this guy. Let’s hope the law catches up to him soon, too.

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