Alec Baldwin Jets Overseas to Work On New Movie and Faces “Bad Omen” Right When He Gets Off The Plane

Alec Baldwin Jets Overseas to Work On New Movie and Faces “Bad Omen” Right When He Gets Off The Plane

Alec Baldwin is just going on with his life, as if he didn’t shoot and kill a wife and mother, and devastate so many lives.


But it’s always been the “Alec Show,” hasn’t it? Right after the deadly shooting took place, Alec and his wife jumped on social media and in front of the cameras and made the nightmare into a circus free-for-all about them.

It became a PR blitz for Baldwin and his wife, who showed zero class and no respect for the victim’s family.

And now, Alec is back in the swing of things, jetting off across the pond to start work on a new film.

Why would anyone still work with this irresponsible dunce?

Baldwin traveled to the UK to film the movie “97 Minutes.”

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But it looks like his trip is off to a bizarre start, with a “bad omen” already rearing its head.

Radar Online reported that Alec Baldwin is gearing up to get back on the acting horse, but production has gotten off to a rocky start.

In a video he shot prior to taking off, he admitted he was “miserable” and “very sad,” as he often gets when he has to leave his family for “work.”

He apologized for rubbing his “puffy” eyes, explaining he hadn’t been sleeping very much.

After speaking about all the “craziness” involved in having seven children, Baldwin said, “I don’t have anything else in my life. I really don’t have anything else in my life that matters to me on that scale, and I really mean that. And I’m not asking anybody to pin any medals on me or what have you, but I just don’t have anything else in my life that even remotely means anything to me.”
Alec reflected on how much he worked before having children and even after his oldest daughter, Ireland, was born. He admitted he and his ex-wife, Kim Basinger, were both go-getters but acknowledged he’s changed his ways in recent years.

Then, things took a hectic turn, when the driver who was supposed to pick him up had his car stolen.

“I get to the airport – I fly on a sleeper flight – and I get to the airport and I get through the immigration and I get my bags and I’m heading to the car that’s gonna drive me to where I’m going.”

“And the driver says, ‘Yeah, we’re gonna go to the car park,'” Alec went on, doing his best English accent. “‘We’re gonna go to the car park right now. You wait right here, and I’ll be back straight away.'”


“And there he goes, and I don’t see him for 20 minutes. He’s gone,” Baldwin continued. “And I’m like, ‘Wow.’ And on my itinerary, there’s a number for the car service.”

Alec said he called the company and spoke with the owner, who explained he had been in contact with the panicked driver.

“‘He tells me his car has been stolen. He tells me that his car has been stolen from the car park,'” Alec recalls the owner telling him.

Alec thinks this is “funny.” I don’t. First off, he shouldn’t work in the movie industry ever again, after behaving so irresponsibly on his own film and KILLING a human being.

And many people online agree:

“I am sick to my stomach that this murderer can just hop a plane and go film another movie” 

“Anyone who pays to watch a movie with Alec Baldwin in it is a dirtbag just like he is” 

“love how this guy just laughs and jokes and has a grand old time, while so many suffer in pain from his irresponsible actions” 

“I don’t think I can hate this guy more. He’s such a narcissist” 

“This sounds like the first sign of more bad things to come. Karma is nowhere near done with this guy” 

“It’s a warning sign, Alec. Go back home and settle your lawsuits and cooperate with New Mexico authorities” 

Second off, you don’t have to be a superstitious fishwife to know this is a bad omen for Alec.


There’s no word about what happened to the car, but I think this is a sign of things to come and if Baldwin had any sense in that big dopey head of his, he’d grab the next flight back home and sit this one out.

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