[VIDEO] Truckers Just Shutdown One of The World’s Busiest Borders In Detroit, Michigan

[VIDEO] Truckers Just Shutdown One of The World’s Busiest Borders In Detroit, Michigan

I live in Michigan, so I know first-hand how busy and important the Windsor/Detroit border is.


I’ve traveled across many times and it’s always packed and there are always a TON of trucks on the bridge.

You’ve got two ways in/out of Detroit and Windsor.

There’s the Ambassador Bridge, and the tunnel (that goes under the water).

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The Detroit/Windsor border is one of the busiest in the world… and the Canadian Freedom Truckers shut it down last night.

Reports as of 6 am today, say it’s partially open again, but the protests are still ongoing… so it’s not over, by a longshot.

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Will that mean more bare shelves for me in Michigan?


Am I okay with that?

Yep. Bring it on.


Fox 2 reported that according to the city of Detroit, the Ambassador Bridge was shut down just before 8 p.m. Vehicular traffic was being redirected to the tunnel and semi-trucks are staged on the roadways, causing traffic back-up.

The Canadian Freedom Convoy had reached the Detroit-Windsor border, impacting travel time on the Ambassador Bridge Monday and spilling out onto I-75 in Detroit. Truck drivers needing to cross the border were being re-routed to the Port Huron Blue Water Bridge with the Windsor tunnel inaccessible.

The protest, formed by truckers against vaccine mandates and Covid restrictions, has led to officials directing border travelers to using the Windsor-Detroit Tunnel or the Port Huron Blue Water Bridge instead. The backup stretched to I-75 in Detroit.

On Monday, the Border Services of Southern Ontario Region tweeted: “Demonstrations are affecting border wait times at the Ambassador Bridge. Travelers are encouraged to reroute to the Windsor-Detroit Tunnel or Blue Water Bridge. Consult the Directory of CBSA Offices and Services to confirm hours. http://ow.ly/L3Qx50HOMHb ”

The Windsor Police Department tweeted, “There is high potential for traffic congestion along Huron Church Road again today. Anticipate travel delays. Officers will be in the area to address traffic issues. Avoid the area or find alternate route, if possible. We thank the public for their patience.


If this is what it takes to bring these tyrants to their knees, I am okay with suffering with more bare shelves.


After all, here in West Michigan, our shelves have been bare for MONTHS now.

I’ve gotten very good at adjusting recipes and menu items on the fly.

So, HONK, HONK, and bring it on!!

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