Rep Boebert Responds to Biden’s Claim We’re Too “Depressed” to Be “Happy” About How Great He is…and It’s a Doozy

Rep Boebert Responds to Biden’s Claim We’re Too “Depressed” to Be “Happy” About How Great He is…and It’s a Doozy

Is there anyone on earth who is more tone-deaf and out of it than Joe Biden?


I’d dare you to name anymore who’s more clueless than he is.

Forget about his raging case of dementia for a minute, I am just talking about being so wildly out-of-touch with the American people and how to “relate” to us like a normal person.

This is the man who is still cratering in the polls, and when asked about it, his excuse is that Americans are just too psychologically depressed over COVID that we’re unable to be happy and see all the “great” things that he’s done.

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Great things like taking away any chance at energy independence that we had and causing gas prices to soar to ungodly levels? Or leaving our border wide open and causing a catastrophe and humanitarian crisis, the likes of which we’ve never seen? That was really “great.”

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Or great things like getting 13 Americans killed in Afghanistan because you’re a blithering idiot when it comes to foreign policy?

Or great bare shelves and soaring inflation? And let’s not forget all that GREAT soaring crime or all the fantastic pointless tyrannical COVID mandates that have destroyed this country.

Biden touts his “great” economy with his 6 million jobs but forgets to mention that we lost about 10 million jobs, thanks to Fauci’s COVID blunders.

But the “greatest” thing of all is Biden’s mental faculties. He looks and sounds like a patient at a memory care facility. That really makes Americans feel “great.”

Oh, and speaking of that, don’t forget the great nuclear war he’ll probably get us involved in.

Won’t that be fun?

So, is that all the great stuff we’re too depressed to be happy about, Joe?

Well, that’s exactly what Rep Boebert wants to know, and she asked about it in a scathing tweet that’s gone viral.


Here’s what Lauren said: “Biden says we are psychologically unable to feel happy about how much better he has made things. Putin is threatening nuclear war, inflation is destroying the American family & COVID tyranny has cost our economy trillions… what exactly are we supposed to be grateful to him for?”

I’ve never seen a so-called “leader” be so incapable of taking any responsibility whatsoever.

This man has made more mistakes in one year than most “presidents” make in 8 years.


It shouldn’t surprise me though… after all, this is the man who actually took an (angry) “victory lap” after the deadly Afghanistan debacle.

I honestly don’t know how we’ll make it through another 3 years of this… But I can promise you this, every single mistake that Biden makes from this moment on, he’ll somehow blame on the American people.

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