[VIDEO] Biden Thinks Americans Are Too “COVID Depressed” to Realize How Great He’s Doing

[VIDEO] Biden Thinks Americans Are Too “COVID Depressed” to Realize How Great He’s Doing

Just when you think Biden has reached the height of ridiculousness, he says, “hold my prune juice,” and pulls a stunt like this one.


I honestly think Biden is so isolated that he doesn’t realize how disliked he is. I think his Handlers concoct these lame excuses for his bad polling, and he actually believes it.

And speaking of lame excuses for bad poll numbers, Joe Biden has a new one, and it’s a real doozy.

During a recent interview, Joe did what he often does and promoted his phony achievements.

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Joe thinks adding 6 million jobs after Americans lost 10 million jobs is a HUGE WIN.

It’s not.

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But here’s the kicker: Joe claims Americans aren’t enjoying all the “greatness” he’s bestowed upon the country because we’re just too “depressed” from COVID to realize how amazing he is.

Ha ha ha ha. I mean, I can’t even with this guy…

How detached from reality is this buffoon?


Watch the video:

Here’s what people had to say online about his disillusioned comments:

“You brag about wage increase? $12/hour at McDonalds. But now hamburger is $20. Is this not insane? We are back to where we were making minimum wage because everything…everything costs more. (I voted for Trump’s America 👍🇺🇸💪)”

“10 million people lost their jobs at the beginning of the Covid pandemic in 2020. Taking credit for adding 6.6 million jobs is like taking credit for the sun rising.”

“”Why aren’t people happy? I forced masks on their faces. I gave them stimulus checks. I spiked gas and grocery bills. I told people not to see their families during the holidays. I made them get shots to keep their jobs. I just don’t understand, why aren’t people happy” -JoesMind”

“Nothing is okay. Mass poverty. Mass homelessness. Tens of Millions unable to afford to rent. Tens of Millions working poor. Things are good for the wealthy, but the working class continues to struggle.”

“Surely it isn’t because it cost over $50 for 15 gallons of gas, and $221 for half a cart of groceries yesterday because of runaway inflation? No, it’s COVID fatigue.”

“25M jobs lost due to covid, 6m of them coming back once things open again. -19M jobs. He doesn’t do math.”

It must be nice to live in “Joe Biden’s world.”


A place where you take zero responsibility for anything and blame the American people for everything wrong you do.

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