[VIDEO] Joe Biden Turned His SCOTUS Nominee Introduction Into a Bad SNL Skit

[VIDEO] Joe Biden Turned His SCOTUS Nominee Introduction Into a Bad SNL Skit

Joe Biden is having one of those really “bad” days.


Ya know how sometimes he’s semi-decent, and can sorta talk coherently and doesn’t act too much like a senile man at old folks’ home?

Well, today was NOT one of those days.

Today was a really bad day, and Joe Biden turned his SCOTUS nominee introduction into a bad SNL skit.

I was perusing the internet, and I saw one clip where Joe looked buffoonish and I just kept scrolling and chalked it up to Joe just being “Joe.”

No biggy…it was just one mishap…that’s a GOOD day for Joe, right?

However, by clip #5, I knew I had to share the follies with you because as embarrassing as it is, this man and his Handlers should be called out relentlessly for what they’re putting this country through.

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They don’t get a break, not when it’s this bad.

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As you may know, Biden has nominated a radicalized judge by the name of Ketanji Brown Jackson to SCOTUS.

But don’t ask Jen Psaki how to spell it, because she doesn’t know how, apparently.



All Biden had to do was introduce this woman, let her speak, then say, “thank you,” and walk away.

That’s it. That’s all he had to do…

But instead of doing that, doddering ol’ Biden turned this lady’s big “moment” into an SNL skit.


We need the “Curb Your Enthusiasm” theme song playing on every one of these clips. Actually, that song should just follow Joe around, everywhere he goes.

Anyway, this is what happened today as Biden attempted to introduce his nominee to the country…


Things got off to a really awkward start…


He must fear Jill… had to get that intro in, “or else no tapioca pudding for you, mister…”

I guess Ms. Brown-Jackson’s sister was watching from Rhode Island? Gee, what an elegant, welcome…

Not even sure what Biden’s yammering about here.

But he’s really struggling with the teleprompter. I can see why they made that fake WH set for him. They probably have JUMBOTRON teleprompter set up in there.

So, we’re back to wearing masks, again, or no? “sCieNcE”

This woman who Biden nominated is as radical and “woke” as you’d imagine she’d be, so of course, they’re eager to ram this through while the “Russia” stuff is going on.

Ketanji Brown Jackson blocked the Trump administration from expanding its “Expedited Removal” program to deport illegal immigrants faster. A liberal immigration group even applauded Jackson for refusing to use the term “alien” or “illegal” immigrant in her opinions.

Will she have her pronouns in her bio?


Even more concerning, she’s had a fair number of her rulings overturned.

The general consensus is that she will “rubber-stamp” Biden’s radical and failed agenda, as most left-wing justices do, including John Roberts.

So, maybe this “SNL intro” is exactly what she deserved?

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