[VIDEO] People Very Focused On Biden’s Odd “Walk” As Reporters Shout Questions About “Nuclear War”

[VIDEO] People Very Focused On Biden’s Odd “Walk” As Reporters Shout Questions About “Nuclear War”

Yesterday, Putin scared the bejeezus out of many people with his threats of unleashing nuclear war on the world, if they push too far Russia.


It’s a suicide bomber’s mentality, really.

Putin’s state TV announced if Russia wasn’t part of the world, why should the world exist?

Oh, that’s comforting.

Is this just typical Russian hyperbole and propaganda?


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But, do you really wanna roll those dice with Biden installed in the White House?

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I sure as heck don’t. 

Actually, I am not even sure if Joe Biden knows about what Russian state TV said, since he was in Delaware all weekend long.

He probably had to get several extra medical IV bags injected into his body to ready himself for the “State of The Union” address.

So, when Biden was asked about the threats today, by reporters who were literally screaming their brains out, his response was very typical.

He said nothing.

He just kept walking, and what a strange stride it was… People noticed.


There is literally nothing inspiring about this man. He’s an empty suit, barely making his way.

Doesn’t help matters that he’s alone and barely shuffling along while wearing a mask outside, for crying out loud.

The weakness is almost too much to bear.

Here’s what people online had to say about this footage:

“What exactly is the sense of having this man in office?”

“Looks like he is gonna fall over ..whats with the fucking mask ?”

“The walking dead”

“Dementia-related gait changes…..”

“Alone, outside, wearing a mask. And they can’t figure out why no one has confidence in this administration.”

“He can’t even walk properly”

“He can barely walk”

“At least he didn’t trip over himself. I’d call that a success for America”

“He has the weirdest little march. There’s no strength in his cadence whatsoever.”

“Tower of strength lol” 

“Old codger wearing a superfluous mask and a woman’s coat.”

“The only concern that this man has is where the Bathroom is.”

“That walk is so bizarre. What is that walk??” 

“Is he wandering around?”

“”Dead man walking” style.”

“The leader of the free world on his way to take a nap. So strong. So confident.”

“he’s walking like a zombie.”

It’s no wonder this man has a career-low approval rating.

He looks, sounds, and acts weak.


America is a country that prides itself on strength and respect.

And right now, we’ve got a shaky buffoon occupying the White House.

Dark, dark days.

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