[VIDEO] Biden Looks “Lost and Terrified” as Reporters and Staffers Loudly Shout Inside Oval Office

[VIDEO] Biden Looks “Lost and Terrified” as Reporters and Staffers Loudly Shout Inside Oval Office

If you ask me, Joe Biden is getting worse by the day.


He can’t control his emotions and has been having bizarre and frankly scary angry outbursts. At one point, he was so “mad” talking about high insulin prices he was pounding his shaky fists on the podium.

Did anyone bother to tell him he’s the one who made them high again when he canceled Trump’s EO to lower costs?

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He’s also muttering to himself now. He hasn’t really done that before, that I’ve seen, anyway. But at a recent climate change “summit” he held, he was rather loudly muttering, and then he was caught telling some insanely confusing story. He literally sounded like a lost and confused elderly man in a nursing home.

So, yes, he’s getting worse and seemingly cannot control his actions or emotions.

And speaking of that, Biden had another bizarre situation unfold, this time while he was meeting with the Emir of Qatar, Tamin bin Hamad Al Thani, on Monday.

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At one point, his LOUD “Karen-like” staff started their usual shouting at reporters, who were also shouting questions, as they herded them out of the room, and by the look on Joe Biden’s face, it looked as if he was terrified.


You can watch the video below:

People online thought it looked odd as well:

“Wow, he looks so lost”

“He seems genuinely confused and scared” 

“When my dad was alive, he’d get easily rattled by a lot of commotion and loud noises. He had Alzheimer’s.” 

“That man needs to be in a nursing home” 

“This is elder abuse and his entire staff should be reported for abuse” 

“Our enemies know exactly how to scare him.” 

“He looks like a confused old man who doesn’t understand what’s happening all around him” 

“Dazed and confused Joe” 

“I am not convinced that Joe Biden even knows he’s alive at this point” 

I’m sorry, but this is not normal behavior for a mentally fit person, let alone a man who is supposedly the “president.”


Yet, our glorious propaganda regime media ignore it and thinks that will make it just go away.

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