Police Believe They’ve Finally Solved The Mystery Of Bob Saget’s Death With This Updated Theory

Police Believe They’ve Finally Solved The Mystery Of Bob Saget’s Death With This Updated Theory

The mystery surrounding Bob Saget’s death has reached a fever pitch.


Last week, police threw out a crazy theory that Bob died after hitting his head on the headboard.

That didn’t jive with what the autopsy report revealed, which experts say showed Bob’s injuries to the back of his head were similar to injuries caused by a “baseball bat.”

It was massive blunt-force trauma, and there’s no logical way something that horrific could happen on a headboard when you’re the only person in the room.

That police “theory” sparked more rumors of a coverup, and conspiracies started swirling about murder.

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All the theories and accusations have been hard on the family, who just want to have some peace and lay Bob to rest.

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But now, police have come up with another “theory,” and this time they believe they’ve solved the mystery of Bob Saget’s death.

The New York Post reported that authorities investigating Bob Saget’s death believe the “Full House” star collapsed in his hotel bathroom and struck his head on the marble floor – before he stumbled into bed, lost consciousness again and died, according to a report.

The 65-year-old actor died on Jan. 9 after suffering “blunt head trauma” at the Ritz-Carlton Orlando Grande Lakes in Florida, an autopsy has revealed.

He suffered skull fractures so severe that one doctor reportedly speculated they could have been caused by falling from several stories or a baseball bat attack.

Investigators now believe Saget lost consciousness in the bathroom, fell backward onto the marble floor and stuck his head, People magazine reports.


He is believed to have regained consciousness and stumbled into bed before losing consciousness again and dying, according to the mag.

Saget’s time of death was estimated to be about 4 a.m., some 12 hours before his body was found, People said.

“It’s definitely an unusual case. There are still a lot of unanswered questions,” an Orange County Sheriff’s deputy told the outlet.

When he arrived at the swanky hotel, Saget “was cracking jokes, waving to people in the lobby,” an employee told the mag in the latest issue.

“When people asked for selfies, he would run over and grab their phones to take the pictures with them, joking the whole time. He was a ball happy, positive energy,” the staffer said.

The last time he was seen on surveillance camera, he was exiting an elevator on the ninth floor and walking down the long corridor toward his room, People reported.

I read a report where the autopsy showed Saget had tested positive for COVID. I know he was triple vaxxed, but could his COVID have caused a dizzy spell? As someone who’s had COVID more than once, I can tell you, I’ve had the “dizzies” from it.

Or, did he slip when getting out of the shower?

Either way, this is a bizarre and very sad situation, and I am still so sad that Bob is gone.


Hopefully, now, his family can process what happened and heal.

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