Police Come Up With Bizarre, Seemingly Implausible “New Theory” On How Bob Saget Died

Police Come Up With Bizarre, Seemingly Implausible “New Theory” On How Bob Saget Died

The death of beloved comedian Bob Saget has taken so many twists and turns.


It’s sad enough that he’s gone, but now his actual death is such a mystery, that conspiracies are flying left and right.

At first, we were told it was a likely heart attack or stroke.

Then, we were told it was a bump on the head.

Now, we’re told that the “bump” on his head was actually massive head trauma, similar to what happens to people who get their head bashed by a baseball bat.

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So what the heck is going on here?

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Well, now, police have a new theory on what they think happened to Bob Saget while he was alone in his hotel room.

And their new theory sounds implausible when you consider the grisly accounts in the medical examiner’s report.

They think he smacked his head on the wooden headboard.

How on earth could that have happened in such a way that he’d sustain so much trauma die?


Daily Wire reported that as conspiracy theories swirl over the sudden death of comedian Bob Saget at 65, authorities now think his extensive skull injuries were caused “by something connected to the bed,” according to a new report.

“Our sources say the authorities say it’s most likely Bob struck a portion of the bed’s headboard that is not padded,” TMZ reported. “We’re told it’s wood, and the best guess is he hit his head. Since he was under the covers, they believe he quickly lost consciousness. What’s interesting … although authorities on the scene felt the headboard scenario was the most likely, the Medical Examiner never mentioned it” in the official autopsy.

“Sources with direct knowledge of the investigation tell us the Medical Examiner and police are clear there was no foul play, and they’re certain the blow to his head had to happen in the hotel,” the website said, noting he would have been unable to make the two-hour drive from Jacksonville, where he had performed, to the Ritz-Carlton in Orlando with his extensive injuries.

Amid unfounded conspiracy theories that Saget was murdered, TMZ also noted that “the electronic front door lock to his hotel room shows no one else entered the room. Once Bob entered, the next time the door opened was when hotel staff found him in the afternoon.”

The autopsy has raised questions, with one doctor who has reviewed the results saying his injuries “appeared consistent with taking a baseball bat to the skull,” according to a recent report.

If what that doctor says is true about the “baseball bat” then something seems off here.

But authorities are convinced that whatever happened, occurred in the hotel room. They don’t think Bob Saget could have sustained such injuries outside of the hotel room, and then made the long drive all the way back to his hotel in Orlando with that kind of head trauma.

And they’re sure nobody was in the room with him.


The question now is, how in God’s name did he sustain such trauma from the headboard?


I have a feeling this latest “theory” from police will only make the conspiracy theorists more emboldened because it sounds very bizarre.

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