[VIDEO] Internet Sleuths Say Bob Saget Predict His Death During This Podcast, “I’m Going to Be Found Dead in Bed”

[VIDEO] Internet Sleuths Say Bob Saget Predict His Death During This Podcast, “I’m Going to Be Found Dead in Bed”

Bob Saget’s autopsy report is chilling.


We now know that he died from head trauma.

But he didn’t die from a “bump” on his head as we were first told, it appears from the autopsy results that he died from “massive” head trauma, with some experts saying injuries like the one Bob suffered can be caused by a baseball bat to the head.

Authorities theorize Saget fell.

But according to the autopsy, his body showed no other signs of “trauma” from a “fall.”

There is a lot of mystery surrounding Saget’s death, so the conspiracy theorists and online “detectives” are out in full force.

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Your Tango reported that whenever a celebrity or public figure suddenly passes away, people are quick to look deeper into the cause of death than what the coroner’s office reveals. This morbid curiosity often leads to imaginations running wild, spawning varying conspiracy theories surrounding celebrity deaths.

Such is the case with Saget’s death, with some internet sleuths suggesting that the actor and comedian actually predicted his own death just months before it happened.

Did Bob Saget predict his own death?

On February 10, the same day Saget’s autopsy findings were released, a Twitter user posted a since-deleted a clip from a “Here for You” podcast episode Saget taped with his wife Kelly Rizzo in

In the clip, Saget says, “So, I don’t have long to live… I’m going to be found dead in bed.”

On October 25th Bob’s wife was on Saget’s “Here For You” podcast and she was talking about her favorite movies.

Saget’s wife Kelly Rizzo said her favorite movies included the head-bashing gangster classics The Godfather, Scarface, Casino, and GoodFellas.

That’s when Bob joked about things not “looking good for him” and said he’d be found “dead in bed,” which is exactly what happened to him.



While it’s an eerie statement, I don’t know if it’s a “prediction” of what awaited him, more like a morbid coincidence, if you ask me.


The statement is taken way out of context. Bob was referring to the fact that Rizzo’s favorite movies were all about crime and murder, and Saget jokingly saying his wife’s obsession with that genre would be his demise.

I get it; it was a creepy statement, knowing what we know now, but that’s about it.

In all honesty, I don’t think anyone, even Bob, could have predicted this bizarre and untimely outcome.

Let’s hope the family gets the answers they need in order to get through this loss.

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