Rep Boebert Takes a Break From Shredding Dems and Goes After Trudeau With a Vengeance

Rep Boebert Takes a Break From Shredding Dems and Goes After Trudeau With a Vengeance

Justin Trudeau is on an absolute rampage.


He’s gone off the commie rails and has taken some of the most extreme actions against his own citizens by enacting the “Emergencies Act,” and many are comparing him to a dictator.

And speaking of “dictators,” Trudeau has actually mentioned his fondness for this tyrannical style of government in the past.

The man loves China’s leadership style.

That’s what he said in an unearthed video clip and Rep Lauren Boebert called him out on it.

She took a break from shredding Dem commies and went after a Canadian commie for a nice change of pace.

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Boebert published a scathing tweet, in which she called out Trudeau for how he admires Communist China.

Here’s what she said: “When Justin Trudeau said he admired China, Canadians should have listened to him.”

Here’s what Lauren is referring to…

This is the video of Trudeau’s damning remarks:


Many users on Twitter echoed Boebert’s statement, urging any Canadians who haven’t seen the light, to open their eyes:

“Canadiens should have a clue. If not it’s sad.”

“Once a Castro, always a Castro…”

“What many of us were saying; when someone shows you who they are, believe them! #Trudeau also said he’d “replace us”; at the rate people are being killed by the experimental shots, it won’t be hard & won’t take long!”

“Not just china, research what he said about Fidel”

“Amen, yet they voted him in…now they suffer the consequences”

This really is the final puzzle piece in understanding Trudeau’s unprecedented actions… it’s his passion, apparently.

Maybe those rumors about him being Castro’s son are true, eh?


But what Justin doesn’t seem to realize is that his extremist rule is only proving Freedom Trucker’s point… the government has gone too far and abused their power… and Justin is proof of that.

This guy just doesn’t get it… or maybe he does, and this is his plan?

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