[VIDEO] New Yorkers Carry Giant Canadian And American Flags Across Brooklyn Bridge In Show Of “Solidarity”

[VIDEO] New Yorkers Carry Giant Canadian And American Flags Across Brooklyn Bridge In Show Of “Solidarity”

The US is showing solidarity with our patriotic friend’s next door, Canada.


Daily Mail reported that vaccine mandate protesters marched over the Brooklyn Bridge in NYC, to protest the vaccine mandates and also show solidarity with Canada’s Freedom Truckers.

The crowd carried giant US and Canadian flags and they did not have a lot of nice things to say about Justin Trudeau, who has come under tremendous fire for how poorly he’s handling this peace uprising of his country’s middle-class.

Justin started out by brushing the group off as “small and fringe.”

When that turned out to be totally wrong, he fled the city and demonized the group of hard-working Canadians as “racists” and anti-vax kooks.

And when that didn’t work he blamed the US.

MORE NEWS: Remarkable!! Canadian Citizens Form Human Barricade To Stop Trucker Arrests

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Justin has failed on every level and he still refuses to meet with the organizers who just want “medical freedom” for everyone. And polling shows the Canadian people want him to meet with the truckers, but Justin’s ego is just too big and he won’t budge, even for the good of his people.

Trudeau is doubling and tripling down on his failure.

The US is showing solidarity with the Canadians, and in New York City of all places – one of the most liberal cities in the world.

Notice the “F-Trudeau” chants…Ouch.

The video was posted on TikTok, but it looks as if it’s originally from “Leeroy Press” who does a lot of superb investigative work out there.

I’m a big fan of his work and efforts.


You can watch the video below:


Anti-Mandate protestors were on the #Brooklyn Bridge in solidarity with the Truckers #BrooklynBridge #NewYork #NYC #FreedomConvoy

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Here’s what people online are saying:

“I am Canadian and I want to thank the US for their support”

“this brings tears to my eyes, to see people finally uniting is amazing”

“What a beautiful sight. Peaceful resistance!” 

“Thank you, America. Love from your neighbors!” 

“I love seeing this. I love the US and Canada bonding. God Bless everyone involved”

“I can’t go out in protest, but I am with Canada in spirit. Much love from Pennsylvania” 

“God Bless Canada and The USA!!! Together in love and peace!!” 

I can’t think of anything that’s united people and brought the entire world together as this Freedom Trucker movement has.

It’s really wonderful to see so many people peacefully protesting like this.


It’s certainly a far cry from the three months of BLM and Antifa “protests” we witnessed during the “Summer of Love” where over 20 people were killed and billions of dollars of damage was done to US cities.

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