Something’s Happening: Canada’s Top Four Banks in Trouble After Order to Freeze Accounts

Something’s Happening: Canada’s Top Four Banks in Trouble After Order to Freeze Accounts

Canada’s top four banks have all gone offline after Justin Trudeau empowered them to freeze the accounts of truckers and supporters involved in the protest.


The editor-in-chief of Rebel News posted the information today on Twitter.

Here’s what Ezra Levant said: “Canada’s largest banks are all offline. Royal Bank, BMO Bank of Montreal, CIBC Bank. Did Trudeau try to hack into their databases? Did the U.S. hack them first, to stop it? What could cause all three to crash on the same day — hours after Trudeau’s expropriation order?”

MORE NEWS: [VIDEO] Canada Tells Trump Supporters “Be Worried About Freezing Bank Accounts if You Donated to Truckers”

He added this later, “Alternative theory: system overload: a million Canadians decided they don’t quite trust the banks anymore, now that Trudeau is in charge of them. Was there a bank run?”

Yep, I think there’s a “bank run” happening right now in Canada.

Good job, Justin.

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Whatever is going on, it’s big.

Take a look:


Here’s what people online are saying:

“Canadians are cashing out 48 hrs of withdrawal…”

“Just went & took most cash out of my bank. (Not that I had much in there). This #Canada bank run can cascade globally. A systematic failure in one country can act like dominos of insolvency to entire fiat system”

“Please be a bank run. Teach these commies a lesson” 

“Confidence is fragile. It only takes 1% to bring the system down”

“Canadians are pulling their money out of the banks…….. Trudy has caused a massive financial crisis”

“Something is happening with Canada’s banks. The website problems are only a symptom of something much larger. Today a friend reported that about noon he tried to withdraw $4000 cash from his Etobicoke (Toronto) CIBC branch – to be told there is a $1000 daily limit per customer.”

“not unexpected but wow…this looks legit”

“Bank run in Canada? Trudeau says he’ll seize all the financial assets of those supporting the truckers. What would you do?”

“Bank teller at @TD_Canada told me they ran out of cash yesterday from everyone leaving. I was one of them.”

“Did Trudy cause a bank run?”

“The #Trudeau #BankRun has begun.”

Well, I think when people see the government is freezing friends and families’ bank accounts they run like the wind to their bank and remove their money.

That’s the logical move, right?

I’d guess that’s what we’re seeing happen right now in Canada, especially from all the comments online from Canadians who are taking their money out.


Ironically, Trudeau’s tyranny might single-handedly lead to a devastating financial collapse in Canada.

All he had to do was meet with the truckers or end his silly mandates.

This man is a disaster.

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Charlene Greenway
9 months ago

Good for the can*dian people, pull your money, they need you, you don’t need them.

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