[VIDEO] What’s Happening Right Now in Calgary Makes Ottawa Look Like a Cake-Walk

[VIDEO] What’s Happening Right Now in Calgary Makes Ottawa Look Like a Cake-Walk

Justin Trudeau thought he was smart using the Emergencies Act to squash the peaceful protests against his tyrannical COVID vax mandates.


And he was successful to a certain extent in Ottawa. But it took “Martial Law” to quiet the peaceful cries for freedom.

Trudeau unleashed his police, who brutally shut down the peaceful, hardworking men and women who gathered to protest the vax mandates. Trudeau never offered to meet with protesters and went from calling them a “small fringe” movement to freezing their bank accounts and hunting them down like wild animals.

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So, yes, Justin quieted the storm in Ottawa, but he may have awakened an even bigger sleeping giant in Calgary.

This mega-viral video, with almost 1.5 million views already, shows a massive crowd gathered in Calgary, chanting “FREEDOM” with a thunderous roar.

It’s amazing to see. 

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You can watch the video below:

Here’s what people online are saying:

“Much larger than a BLM or Antifa protest, yet somehow the authorities label as fringe and unrepresentative, not be taken seriously as the BLM or Antifa. Take away, they’re really not afraid of BLM or Antifa (they are tools) but are terrified of the Freedom Convoy.”

“I would expect no less from Canadian cowboys.”

“Absolutely wonderful! God bless Canadian civilians.”

“This too will end, but mistrust & hatred of RCMP & Ottawa PD, will last forever!”

“The Marxist in office cannot stop people who want freedom. He can crack down and it will just get worse. GO Free Canada”

“I’m sorry, but Americans have become sheep!”

“If those people get hockey sticks, somebody is seriously [email protected] ..”

“’m real proud. of you Canucks. Fantastic work up there. TRUCKERS, LEAD THE WAY!”


Justin can run around trying to squash these voices who are crying out for freedom… and he might have some victories along the way, but the masses are wide awake in Canada now, and his free globalist ride is coming to an end.

The mask has been lifted.

We see who Justin Trudeau truly is.

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