[VIDEO] Canada Tells Trump Supporters “Be Worried About Freezing Bank Accounts if You Donated to Truckers”

[VIDEO] Canada Tells Trump Supporters “Be Worried About Freezing Bank Accounts if You Donated to Truckers”

The Trudeau admin has gone off the commie, fascist, and dictator rails, all at the same time.


The next logical step is for Justin to grow a tiny mustache and goosestep all over town.

It’s gotten that ridiculous.

He’s and his cabinet have completely lost their minds.

Now, after enacting the “Emergencies Act,” so they can freeze any Canadian bank account without a reason, his Justice Minister just went on TV and told “MAGA” they should be worried about their bank accounts being “frozen” if they’ve donated to the Truckers.

That’s right, if you support Trump, you’re now a “target.”

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But who is he talking to? Americans or Canadians?

I think he’s talking to Canadians who like Trump, but I can’t be 100 percent sure.

For all I know, this little bald commie could try to come after Americans now, too.


This is some of the most demonic political nonsense I’ve ever seen.

You can watch the video below:

Here’s what people online are saying:

“What the hell does Trump have to do with this? These liberals are seriously deranged.”

“SHOCK: Trudeau’s justice minister says that being “pro-Trump” is a factor that will decide if your bank account is seized under their Emergency Orders.”

“Did that washed up loathsome worm of a man just threaten Americans and their bank accounts?”

“This is all to intimidate and try to scare people from supporting Truckers in the U.S or in Canada, they want to intimidate people who stand for freedom, they hate who they cannot control. He cannot do anything to people in the U.S. These tyrants are blood thirsty demons.”

“Pro-Trump did he actually just say that? I hope President Trump gets wind of this.”

“Get the f**k outta here Nazi” 

“The United States needs to invade Canada and restore Democracy”

“Why is a Canadian minister threatening Americans?”

“If this doesn’t make you pro-Trump, nothing will.”

“Insanity. Beyond insanity what we’re witnessing.”

“Hard to be more upfront about your fascistic nature than this:”

“This is absolute insanity. Ffs”

“Canadian government are so obviously Authoritarian control freaks with mad bad intentions. I’m not ‘Pro Trump’ at all, but designating Trump supporters as terrorists and freezing their bank accounts shows total lack of care for ‘democracy’.”

“Wow. Traitor Trudeau Verbally Arracks US Americans.”

“Brazen playing politics. They’re not even hiding their admiration of CCP tactics anymore.”

“Now that’s worrisome….”

“Does this surprise anyone? literally targeting people for their political beliefs, using stolen information none the less.”

“The Trudeau administration is harsher in its treatment of conservatives than it is to returning Canadian Isis fighters”

“So you can just freeze someones bank account based on a political stance? F**k if that doesn’t sound like some North Korea dictator type shi*t.”

“Who the f**k do these people think they are?”

Now, If you like a guy from a different country next door, your bank accounts can be frozen.. GET YOUR MONEY OUT OF THE BANKS!

My God, nobody said a word while BLM was burning down cities all over the world, but middle-class truckers and their families, those are the real “terrorists” and apparently, it’s all Trump’s fault.


This is insanity, and the globalists are really overplaying their hands right now, and politically speaking, they’ll pay for it.

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