[VIDEO] Chinese Soldier Botches Olympic Flag Raising So Badly, Xi Must Be Ready to Ring His Neck

[VIDEO] Chinese Soldier Botches Olympic Flag Raising So Badly, Xi Must Be Ready to Ring His Neck

Let’s just say it how it is – the Chinese Olympics are a disaster.


First off, ratings-wise, the numbers are way down from 2018, and those numbers were already abysmal and in the toilet.

You’ll recall that most Americans tuned out of the 2018 Summer Olympics because they didn’t want to watch a bunch of activist athletes “take a knee” and crap on their country.

So, those ratings were bad back in 2018… terrible.

But they’re even worse now in 2022.

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Nobody in their right mind wants to watch communist China host the Olympics, especially after all things “COVID.”

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And now it’s just all the little things piling up that are humiliating Xi.

The food from Beijing looks like Michelle Obama’s school lunches. Athletes who tested positive for COVID say they’re being abused. Western reporters are being dragged off-camera by Chinese officials. China’s lousy women’s figure skater is outshining all other athletes, for all the wrong reasons… and the list just goes on and on.

And now, we’ve got this video of a Chinese soldier who completely botches the raising of the Olympic flag.

It literally looks like Monty Python. Xi must be LIVID.

Someone should check on that poor soldier – his days are probably numbered.


You can watch the video below:

What a mess.

Here’s what people online are saying:

“His friends check up on him today?”

“We need a petition to spare him from execution.”

“This looked like a Monty Python spoof” 

“He’s getting a couple months in the brig for that one”

“This will be the last we’ve seen of this poor fella.”

“So in a communist dictatorship, when you screw up and embarrass yourself, you just pretend nothing happened. And if anyone questions it you arrest them. I see where Trudeau is learning his tactics from.”

“Well at least we know who’s family is gonna go missing this week”

“He had one job”

“Its a omen. CCP’s done.”

“RIP to him and his family” 

“Can’t decide if this is more emblematic of the TV ratings, or of what western governments are doing to themselves to participate in this travesty. “

“Imagine getting to the gulag and they asking what you did to get sent there”

“That about sums up the Olympics in China”

I gotta agree, this looks and feels like a bad omen for China and their “Olympics.”


Couldn’t happen to a more deserving group of jerks.

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