[VIDEO] Citizen Journalist Guy Frees Shines a Light On What’s Really Going On in DC

[VIDEO] Citizen Journalist Guy Frees Shines a Light On What’s Really Going On in DC

Many are wondering if Democrats are purposely trying to destroy the country.


Or are they just so clueless and dumb that they don’t realize their idiotic policies are bad for Americans and the country?

I’d say it’s a lot of both, to be honest.

Dems have that “The end justifies the means” mentality, so they’re fine to make you suffer from sky-high gas prices if it ultimately forces you to sell your racist gas guzzler and buy a 50K electric car.

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So, yes, they would happily do that, and many other things on purpose for the so-called “greater good.”

But on the flip side, this is also a completely out-of-touch political party that caters to the elites, and they live in a bubble, and some of these dopes actually think their “elitist ideas” will translate just swell for the middle-class.

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“Quit your lucrative oil rig job and sell solar panels, it’ll be great for you!!!!” 

Ridiculous pie-in-the-sky nonsense.

But when you see things like the vax mandates at companies and vax passports at stores and restaurants that’s what really perks people’s ears and convinces them that yes, Dems are actively trying to destroy this country.

It’s bizarre to see people enforce mandates and passports for a vaccine that doesn’t stop the spread, and Americans are losing their jobs and businesses are going under.

How is this “science?” 

It’s feeling like destruction and a way to bring America to her knees after four years of putting her first.

And this video clip from a citizen journalist named Guy Frees, who I believe is also “Richard Citizen Journalist” on Telegram, is really driving home that point.

He lives in DC and has been sharing what’s happening to businesses since the “vax passports” have gone into effect, and he says that DC is now a ghost town, where nobody goes out to eat or party and have fun anymore.


You can watch the video below:

Here’s what people online are saying:

“To those using fake vax cards: You are part of the problem! Do not participate!”

“Makes me wonder what the US trucker convoy intends on disrupting when they head there.”

“Literally everyone has moved to Miami. Not joking. Millions of people.”

“This is a Sunday, but he’s made videos like this in the middle of the week and same thing. He’s also lived there for many years and said he has never seen anything like it.”

“Wait till the convoy arrives. It won’t be so lonely”

“Rome. Babylon. DC. Done.”

“The IRS building in DC has been closed for MONTHS now absolutely no one comes or goes from it! Just as many other government buildings it’s literally a ghost town lol”

“Born & raised in DC, it’s disgusting what has happened here. In my 40+years, I’ve never seen this many tent cities. They use to be under the bridges, now they are everywhere including the Capitol. And the smell of weed in the atmosphere is also ubiquitous & alarming.”


Liberals are having a meltdown over this video, and claim that this is “staged” and it was a Sunday, and Sundays are always dead in DC and they also claim this area is more “business-focused” not “entertainment-focused.”


Maybe liberals should take a minute and read this article, and see how many DC-area restaurants and bars have closed since this COVID mess happened. I stopped counting at 60 closed restaurants and still had a lot to go.

Are “mandates” and more restrictions really going to bring more people in? Maybe the locals are okay with that,  but what about tourists? A lot of factors come into play.

Also, let’s not forget that people who are “triple vaxxed” are still getting COVID and many are now terrified to leave their homes.

So, the left can nitpick a citizen journalist all they want, but the truth is all around them, they just won’t admit it, because they don’t want to face failure, and many are still toeing the big government/Big Pharma line.

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