Remarkable!! Canadian Citizens Form Human Barricade To Stop Trucker Arrests

Remarkable!! Canadian Citizens Form Human Barricade To Stop Trucker Arrests

Despite attempts by the corporate media to disparage the truckers and portray them as unpopular with regular Canadians, residents of Ottawa turned out in droves yesterday to show their support for the Freedom Convoy.

As the police moved in to arrest the truckers, the neighbors chanted, “Not on our watch,” and formed a human wall to protect the Convoy. This film should be viewed by everyone on the planet. People’s power manifested in action

Some members of the police force have begun to see through the establishment’s lies as they continue to attempt to undermine the massive Freedom Convoy movement.

In an emotional, in-uniform video shot by an Edmonton police officer, he praises the “freedom caravan” while claiming vaccine mandates are “illegal” and “unsafe.”

The Edmonton Police Service’s Constable Elena Golysheva delivered a three-minute speech that has since been posted thousands of times on social media groups, according to CTV.

Although it is unclear where the video was originally posted, it has been widely circulated on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

“I’ve constantly been admonished by my superiors to challenge potentially dangerous commands. If you believe the orders are unconstitutional, please contact us.’ And I believe that is what our role is. The video ends with Golysheva saying, “Thank you truckers for standing up for all of us.”

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According to Golysheva, she immigrated to Canada “in order to be free,” and she expressed gratitude to truckers and farmers for “standing up (for) the police officers, when we were unable to stand up for you.”

Canadians who live here, who were born here, are not acknowledging that the same freedom for which I came to this country has been taken away. “I had to fight to get here to get it, and it was very tough to watch it being carried away,” she explained.

Golysheva stated that she will not obey “illegal commands” because she believes in “freedom of choice,” although she did not elaborate on what she meant by that.




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