[VIDEO] CNN Forced to Read Brandon’s New Cratering Approval Numbers on Live TV… And it Was a CNN Poll!

[VIDEO] CNN Forced to Read Brandon’s New Cratering Approval Numbers on Live TV… And it Was a CNN Poll!

What’s happening to CNN right now is so pathetic, yet hilarious at the same time.


Their “king” has fallen, and they can’t hide it anymore.

They’re being forced to eat their own words, and it’s really a sight to see.

During a recent segment, CNN’s John King was forced to stand there and read off horrific recent polling numbers for Biden…and it was THEIR POLL.

It wasn’t pretty, but it’s pretty amusing. 

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Biden is cratering in ways that nobody thought possible. Just when you think Bumbling Joe has hit rock bottom, he does the impossible and goes even lower.

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So much for those “81 million legal votes,” right?

And CNN now must report on the abysmal failure, LIVE.

And they have a lot to talk about. A shockingly bad new poll showed that a staggering number of Americans disapprove of the way Biden is handling the economy, COVID, and inflation.

And the worst part?

Most Americans think Biden has done literally NOTHING since being in office.


Sad but true.

Watch the video:

Pretty rough, right?

It’s great to watch CNN squirm and users online really reveled in it:

“CNN poll, you can subtract at least 6 points from approval. He’s in mid 30’s.”

“Can’t put a positive spin on the facts!”

“The White House is about to call his producer.”

“When CNN admits 56% of Americans say Biden has done nothing for them”

“Love how they try to justify the negatives with a somewhat off the wall let’s give it a positive spin🤣

“Numbers don’t lie, folks.”

“This was HILARIOUS!! Best part: It was a **CNN** poll! 🤣🤣🤣

And the best part is that you know these numbers are actually a helluva lot worse than what the pollster are showing.


The Biden/CNN partnership is definitely coming to a very climactic end.

Good riddance to fake rubbish.

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