CNN is Crumbling Before Our Eyes, As Another Shakeup Takes Out The Big Boss

CNN is Crumbling Before Our Eyes, As Another Shakeup Takes Out The Big Boss

CNN is imploding right before our very eyes.


From child molesters to womanizers the entire operation is crumbling.

And nobody deserves it more than this toxic “CIA propaganda” network.

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Now, we just got word that CNN top-guy Jeff Zucker has resigned.

And it’s over a “work relationship” that was uncovered during the Chris Cuomo investigation.

Take a look at who Jeff was “fraternizing” with. Things that make you go hmmm.

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CNN seems more like “Studio 54” than a serious news operation, right?

Jeff just issued a statement about his departure.

Here’s a closeup of Jeff’s announcement:



All of this “house cleaning” is following an announcement that Discovery is taking over the network and wants to move everyone and everything in a new direction.

Their goal is to get away from the “fake news” and “drama.”


So, it only makes sense that moves like this are happening.

I’d expect we’ll see a lot more “departures” like this coming up in the near future.

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