Dan Sacvino’s Really Cryptic Tweet Uses No WORDS But Causes a Major Internet Firestorm Anyway

Dan Sacvino’s Really Cryptic Tweet Uses No WORDS But Causes a Major Internet Firestorm Anyway

When President Trump was in office a small group of fringe kooks launched a “resistance movement.”


They seemed much bigger than they were because they had the support of the media, entertainment, and corporate America.

But they didn’t have the support of the silent majority.

Look what happened with the Marxist group Black Lives Matter. They burned our nation’s cities to the ground for three months straight, while Dems, media, and corporate America celebrated them and their so-called “peaceful protests” while average Americans looked on in horror.

When polling came out and showed that Americans disapproved of the riots and BLM, Dems quickly abandoned the group and you basically never heard from them again.

This is a perfect example of Dems “resistance.” It’s all packaged manufactured BS.

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Contrast that to what we’re seeing now in this country and beyond, and it’s night and day.

President Trump is drawing 55K at his rallies – which is a jaw-dropping number of people. It shows this his MAGA movement is stronger than ever.

Joe Biden’s polls have cratered. He and Kamala are political flops in every sense of the word.

What happened in Virginia’s election was another huge victory for the resistance, and now the trucker movement that’s sweeping through Canada and abroad is bringing globalist tyrants to their knees.

It’s a populist uprising of the people, and the globalist regime sees it and they’re terrified and doing all they can to stop it.

But you can’t stop the will of the people.

So, when Dan Scavino posted this cryptic tweet, he didn’t need “words” to light the internet on fire.

Everyone got excited at what the tweet might be saying. One thing we know for sure is that Orange Man is rising stronger than ever before.

Is there an announcement coming soon?


Here’s what Dan posted:

Here’s what people online said:

“I know what you’re saying Dan, and I’m with you!! Orange Man GOOD”

“Dan with some early morning orange news” 

“Eyes on”

“President Trump is needed NOW.”

“What’s coming? Something is up with Orange Man” 

“This is the type of fun post I like waking up to!” 

“Where is the Orange Man!”

“Orange coms. Somebody’s going down”

“Trump is making a move. Is it Truth Social?” 

“Dan at 6:15am EST …”

“Good morning … let’s see what today brings .”


“eyes on potus45”

“Eyes on Trump. Something’s coming” 


I think everyone’s right.

Something is coming.

Could it be Truth Social, we know it’s going to be released soon? Or is it something else?

Whatever it is, it’ll be revealed soon, so keep your eyes peeled.

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