Don Jr. Just Found Devastating Little Nugget in Recent ABC Poll That Media Probably Won’t Ever Mention

Don Jr. Just Found Devastating Little Nugget in Recent ABC Poll That Media Probably Won’t Ever Mention

So, a new ABC poll just came out, and it’s devastating for Joe Biden.


He’s now hit a “career-low” approval number of 37 percent. That actually means he’s likely in the high-teens to low 20s, if we take into consideration how liberal these silly polls are.

That’s right, the man who supposedly earned 81 million LEGAL votes, is now at a staggering career-low, about 1-year in.

Honestly, anyone who still believes that goofy nonsense is a braindead zombie.

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But that’s not the worst of it.

Don Jr. actually dug around in the poll and found a devastating little nugget that she shared – and this is so bad, the media will probably never mention it.

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It’s all about Biden’s mental faculties, and it spells terrible news for Bumbling Joe and his team of nursemaids.


Here’s what Don said: “Yikes! Also 54 percent think Biden mentally incapable of serving (including 59 percent of independents)”

Now, I believe that number is actually much, much higher than 54 percent.

But, it’s worth noting about a month ago there was a Morning Consult poll showing 49 percent of Americans didn’t believe Joe was mentally fit for the job.

So, concern for Joe’s senile brain has gone up a shocking 5 points in one month.


That’s really bad news for Joe.


I have said all along that this is the #1 reason his polls are in the toilet.

Joe can change his stance on something, he can reverse a policy, but he can’t fix that broken brain of his.

And every time he opens his mouth, and some nonsense comes spilling out, Americans are truly horrified, and you can’t blame them.


Joe looks and sounds like he should be in a nursing home, not The White House. It’s embarrassing and pathetic, and he appears to be getting worse by the day.

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