New CNN “Insider Hit Piece” Looks and Feels Like a Setup to Fire Don Lemon

New CNN “Insider Hit Piece” Looks and Feels Like a Setup to Fire Don Lemon

Let’s face it; Don Lemon is a weirdo.


He’s a strange, privileged elite who wavers between a snooty jerk and a hapless victim.

Don’s either making fun of “Trump Hillbilly” supporters like a nasty bully, or he’s crying about how he’s a disenfranchised gay black man.

But no matter what “mood” he’s in, you can always count on Don to be an over-dramatic, attention-seeking goober.

And nowhere was that more on display than during his bizarre “tribute” to disgraced Jeff Zuker.

It was weepy, defiant, and really over-the-top. I don’t know how much of this clip you can stomach, but if you want to see what I am talking about, here you go:

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Well, thanks to that weird “tribute” and Don’s other “biased reporting” a new report claims that insiders at CNN are now demanding that Don be fired.


This story seems odd to me since I imagine everyone at CNN being 100 percent on board with their biased fake news…

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I actually have a different theory about why this is happening.

Radar Online is reporting that on the same day Michael Avenatti was found guilty of bilking $300,000 from adult film actress Stormy Daniels, CNN star Don Lemon used the airwaves of the network to eulogize ousted network president Jeff Zucker.

On Friday’s Don Lemon Tonight, the 55-year-old host broke his silence over Zucker’s forced resignation for failing to disclose his “consensual relationship” with the woman he elevated to his No. 2.

That has promoted network insiders to calls for Lemon to also be dumped.

In 2018, Avenatti was infamously photographed at the Sag Harbor, New York, home of Lemon along with conservative political commentator Margaret Hoover, and New York television journalist Errol Louis.

Avenatti, at the time, had repeatedly appeared as a guest on Lemon’s show.

“Don failed to give the Michael Avenatti verdict — a major story — the prominence it deserved and instead used our precious air to gush over Zucker,” a source told Radar.

“Don seems to think we all forget how close he was to Avenatti. They were best pals and drinking buddies! Now he is censoring what his audience watches, and manipulating the top news of the day, so he can fawn over a boss who broke the company’s rules.

“CNN was biased when Jeff was in charge, but it is a rudderless ship when people like Don can now harm what credibility the network has left.
“This is nothing short of biased reporting. Here is Don Lemon bemoaning the demise of Zucker, but he did nothing about his pals’ inappropriate relationship despite knowing — if not being complicit — in this ‘open secret.’

“Don turned a blind eye to it. How does that make him a trustworthy source of information moving forward?”

But it goes a bit deeper than just his “biased reporting.” For one, I don’t think people like Don Lemon. I think Don Lemon’s cruddy TV personality is equally as cruddy in real life, too.

You remember Brooke Baldwin, right?


She was the CNN reporter who up and quit under “suspicious” circumstances and then she claimed that Jeff Zucker ran a “boys’ club,” and rumor has it that Don Lemon was a big part of that club.

And there may be some truth to that since Don Lemon was quick to come out and dismiss Brook’s claims.

Don Lemon refuted former colleague Brooke Baldwin’s assertion that CNN is male-dominated, saying the network has “plenty of women in positions of power” and maybe the issue for Baldwin was that she didn’t take enough initiative with CNN president Jeff Zucker.

But my theory on all of this is that this story is part of the plan to fire Don Lemon.

I have said all along that Don Lemon is going to be one of the next clowns to go. He’s got terrible ratings, he was especially close to the Zuker regime, and he’s got that very credible sexual harassment case hanging over his head.

If I’m the new owner at Discovery, I’m looking at this guy and I’m saying, “Don’s got to go…”


And that’s why I think this “insider source” hit piece on Don is part of that.

They’re putting stories like this out to pave the way for his incoming pink slip.

Let’s keep an eye on things and see if I’m right.

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