Ellen Just Got Burned By Her “Smirking” Selfie at The Super Bowl

Ellen Just Got Burned By Her “Smirking” Selfie at The Super Bowl

Ellen is yet again not earning any brownie points with the American public.


This woman doesn’t know how to appear “normal” and “nice” does she?

It’s hard for these liberal elites to “fit in” with the rest of us average Americans because they spend so much time in their soft, padded elitist bubbles.

Ellen went to the Super Bowl in LA.

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And while she was there, she posted an incredibly tone-deaf selfie.

Ellen, the little tyrant who requires her staff (who she allegedly verbally abuses) and her audience to wear masks, stood in a SEA of people, mask-free, smirking for the camera.

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Yet another example of “rules for thee, not for me.”


There were a handful of liberals who came to Ellen’s defense, stating that she was outdoors, but then why was the LA youth orchestra required to be masked up?

Is there some profound “sCiEnCe” reason we’re not aware of?

And the commentary didn’t stop there…

Here’s what some other folks had to say about Ellen’s selfish selfie:

“At this point, whether it’s indoor or outdoor, I think they’ve just stopped trying.”

“That’s Tim Cook. Nice try.”

“She’s probably holding her breath (hopefully)”

“She’s better than all them minions”

God, I am so sick of these smug celebrities” 

“That’s cool….that kid from Home Alone is at the Super Bowl.”

“Oh look, another “rules for thee, but not for me” liberal. I am soooo shocked lol” 

“I really don’t understand why anyone is following rules that elites don’t follow. They’re not scared, why are you?” 

“I legitimately thought this was some random old man 😂

“The elite know the game is control and not danger.”

“Ellen went from this supposedly “kind” persona to an evil, elitist tyrant in record-time.” 

Ellen just keeps digging her grave even deeper.


It’s a wonder why she still has social media accounts at this point.

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