In Case of Nuclear Explosion FEMA Reminds You to Stay 6 Feet Away and Wear a Mask

In Case of Nuclear Explosion FEMA Reminds You to Stay 6 Feet Away and Wear a Mask

I regret to inform you that our idiot “experts” are at it again.


I am also sorry to say that yes, you read that title crazy correctly…

According to FEMA, if there’s a nuclear attack, we all must remain cognizant of social distancing and wearing our masks.

Good lord…

Never mind that an atomic bomb has just blown the world to smithereens and everyone’s life is dust, just remember to keep your distance and mask up, peasant!

MORE NEWS: Russian State TV Threatens US With 500 Nukes: “Why Do We Need The World if Russia Won’t Be In It?”

I imagine someone’s last words, as the nuke turns them into ash…”Thank God I got the vaccine, or this would have been so much worse…”

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What an absolute joke.

Here’s a close-up of the documents:



And here’s a link if you want to check them out for yourself.

You really can’t make this stuff up and people on Twitter were just as disgusted:


“And these experts wonder why we don’t trust them or take them seriously?” 

“In the 80s we were taught to bend over and kiss our asses goodbye.”

“If a nuclear explosion goes off I will be more worried about where my bottle caps are rather than I worrying about COVID”

“You can’t make this crap up. Nuclear explosion… but make sure you wear a mask.”

“WTF FEMA, have all of you lost your damn minds?!!”

“See government really does care about us LOL” 

“Guys it’s ok. The nuke can’t get me cause I’m vaccinated”

“The amount of insanity in government is bewildering”

“We’re literally surrounded and ruled by complete idiots” 

This is absolute insanity, but we’re used to it by now, right?


Our elites and the people who we’re told “know it all,” are actually a bunch of “woke” nimrods.

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