[VIDEO] Everyone Notices Something Rather “Peculiar” Involving LA’s Public Health Director and Her Mask

[VIDEO] Everyone Notices Something Rather “Peculiar” Involving LA’s Public Health Director and Her Mask

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more unhealthy-looking “heath director” as this woman who’s leading the Los Angeles Public Health Department.


Good lord, she’s looks a fright. 

And I honestly don’t mean that in a catty way.

Her name is Barbara Ferrer and the poor thing looks like she hasn’t seen the sun or a decent meal in decades.

She’s ghostly pale, rail-thin, and has sunken, dark eyes.

The picture of unperfect health. 

I would take health advice from Fat Albert before I’d take any from this woman. My God, she looks as if she rose from the grave to attend the big game.

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I’m sorry if that’s offensive, but it’s true.

Ms. Ferrer and a friend attended the Super Bowl.

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Now, we already know that about 79,998 people out of the 80K who attended DID NOT wear masks.

We’ve seen all the videos of celebrities and fans alike going mask-free.

So, why did these two “health nuts” decide to put on a “mask show” for the cameras?

Well, it’s for all the peasants back home who are expected to abide by the “COVID mandates” for their “health and safety.”

Wink, wink.

But, many people noticed some rather “peculiar” things about Ms. Ferrer and those masks…

You can watch the video below:

The COVID clown show rolls on.


Here’s what people noticed about this clip:

“Those masks look like they were taken out of the bag 16 seconds before this was filmed. They still have the creases LOL” 

“This woman looks like she hasn’t seen the sun in 72 years.”

“What happened to the N95’s she said would be readily available to anyone at the game for free?”

“Gonna go out on a limb and guess this woman has been a vegan for the past 119 years” 

“It’s a good example of how to reduce the effectiveness of a mask from the so called experts. Clearly they aren’t used to wearing them, either.’

“Um, you’re not supposed to keep touching the masks, Mrs. Health Department Lady” 

“I hate when people wear masks, touch their mask, then touch something we share.”

“Does she realize she’s spreading more germs by just the repeated touching of that mask?”

“Nice creases in those brand new, just-worn masks” 

“Not one person in the background has a mask on LOL what is going on with this crazy messaging?” 

“That mask weighs more than she does.” 

“Please, someone get this woman some nachos” 

“Why do they have to have the mask on anyway (besides virtue signaling). I think it’s safe to assume they’re both v’d & b’d and they’re out in the open air. I’m so sick of what they’ve done to all of us.”

“If masks catch a virus on the front of them, touching the front of the mask is idiotic. Most people have never worn PPE for real, and it shows.”

“Where are all the supposedly “free” properly fitting N95s they promised?” 

“Every “real” person in back ground or walking by is mask-less”

“People still can’t accept they were wrong for two years. They still think masks work and that Covid is a risk for healthy people.”

“Uh, those masks are fresh outta the package and they think we can’t tell LOL” 

“These two elites have never wore a mask except for silly photo ops, that’s why they’re fidgeting so much” 

“they still have folds in them, like they’re fresh from the packet they got the from”

“I still don’t get how the health director looks like she’s about to die. Not a great image of health.”

“Because wearing a dirty piece of cloth on your face and constantly touching it with your hands is much safer than not.”

Stunts like this are what the left calls “sCiEnCe.”

Two people out of 80 thousand in attendance are “masked up” and touching and fidgeting with them like nervous nellies.


But they have to do this because, on Monday morning, they want to make sure all your children are masked-up and ready to suffocate for 7 hours over a virus that causes nearly “zero” complications for their age range.

And people still actually follow this nonsense.

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