[VIDEO] Hillary Cornered On The Street And Asked About “Spying Allegations,” Her Response is Awkward

[VIDEO] Hillary Cornered On The Street And Asked About “Spying Allegations,” Her Response is Awkward

Hillary was spotted on the streets – not exactly sure where – but she was bundled up like a newborn demon, cloaked with a giant face covering and wearing a huge overcoat.


She was making her way into a building – maybe she’s heading into her lawyer’s office to try to cut a deal and avoid prison?

We wish… but that’s doubtful.

At any rate, a Daily Mail reporter by the name of Laura was standing at the entrance waiting for the crooked old gal as she made her way down the sidewalk.

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As Hillary approached, Laura started asking questions about the spy allegations…

And what was Hillary’s response?

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Well, she waved.

What an awkwardly weird thing to do.

Was Hillary waving bye-bye to democracy?

That’s what it feels like since it appears as though she’s the one who unleashed an “insurrection” against the government.


You can watch the video below:

Here’s what people online had to say:

“She’s a psychopath lying murdering Bi***! Only reason she’s never been charged is because she would sing like a bird on everybody that was in on her plot! Especially the Fake news media! Or they would end up dead from a fake suicide, fake death illness or some fake car accident!”

“Should be asked everytime she does appearances, news, and interviews.”

“Wow an actual reporter asking a great question!!! Keep asking Laura”

“Once again the foreign media asking the questions the US media won’t” 

“At least there’s 1 reporter out there doing their job” 

“Durham, risking a hillary suicide wouldn’t put something in that type of report without knowing it for a fact”

“Takes the overseas Press to actually do any reporting here. Pathetic” 

“Laura better watch her back tonight lol”

“They are being too nice about it.”Hillary, why did you feel that you needed commit treason in order to win an election?” is the proper line of questioning.”

“She belongs in a prison cell.”

Is Hillary too big to fall? I used to think so, but I don’t know anymore.


I think it’s highly unlikely that she’d go to jail, but if the right fighters are leading the Republican Party in 2022, I don’t know what could happen.

We could definitely see Hillary seated before a congressional hearing, and forced to answer some very tough questions on this, and that would be a huge step toward possibly getting some justice.

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