Hillary Clinton Could Be in Real Trouble, Her Biggest “Safety Net” Just Broke

Hillary Clinton Could Be in Real Trouble, Her Biggest “Safety Net” Just Broke

Hillary Clinton has always survived thanks to her “safety net.”


That net includes the fact that she’s such always been a powerful person and she and Bill held such high positions within the government. They were also “mover and shakers” in the Dem Party And Hillary had the support of the base. But times they are a-changin’ and Hillary’s biggest safety net – the Democrat voters – just broke.

After all the big bombshell reports that came out over the weekend about Hillary’s campaign actually paying teams to spy on President Trump, a majority of Democrats are now saying they want Hillary Clinton investigated for “Russiagate.”

Yes, you heard that right… Dems want her investigated.

The New York Post reported that a surprisingly large share of Democrats wants to see Hillary Clinton investigated over her possible role in manufacturing dirt to try to tie Donald Trump to the Kremlin, a new poll shows.

The survey, conducted by TechnoMetrica Institute of Policy and Politics in New Jersey last month, polled 1,308 Americans about the mushrooming investigation by Special Counsel John Durham into the FBI’s probe of Trump’s alleged links to Russia during the 2016 presidential campaign.

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Nearly three out of four of those polled who are following the story said they think it’s important prosecutors investigate Clinton for her role in the Russiagate scandal along with her top campaign advisers.

That includes two-thirds — or 66 percent — of the Democrats polled who said they have been keeping up with the case.

That’s up 20 points from this past October, when TIPP asked the same question of a national panel, and indicates the Durham probe may be turning Democratic opinion regarding Clinton and the controversy.

Meanwhile, 91 percent of Republicans in the same group and 65 percent of Independents also called for Clinton to specifically be investigated.


This could be a game-changer, folks.

If there’s a huge call to investigate Hillary, and it’s coming from both sides of the aisle, we might actually see the media, Biden, and Obama grab hold of the diversion and let it rip

Things could heat up big time and get very messy for the old Sea Hag… she has to be sweating bullets right now.

Let’s face it, she’s an old dame without a position of power, and thanks to this Durham revelation she’d be lucky to be elected dogcatcher.


This is not a good position for Hillary to be in — these are very serious allegations and she might be cornered.

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