Rumors Start Circulating About The “Real Reason” Oscars Are Lifting Vax Mandate

Rumors Start Circulating About The “Real Reason” Oscars Are Lifting Vax Mandate

The “rules for thee, but not for me” COVID class warfare theme is still going strong.


We found out yesterday, that the Oscars are lifting their “vax mandate” rule.

Isn’t it nice how the elites can just make and change rules as they go, and no matter what, it all somehow falls under the ballon of “sCiEnCe”? Amazing how that works out, isn’t it?

And now, there are some big rumors flying around about why these rules suddenly changed. Many believe that the sudden change is because some very high “A-list” celebrities are actually not vaccinated.

The Hollywood Reporter reported that some industry insiders have speculated that the Academy is being less stringent than it could be because more than a few high-profile industry figures — including at least one of last year’s acting winners and prominent members of the casts of multiple best picture nominees, as well as nominees in other categories — would otherwise be precluded from attending the Oscars.

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The Academy has yet to publicly release its COVID policy for Oscar night, but unless it significantly changes between now and showtime, the organization can expect considerable blowback from some members of the community. “Shocking” is how one highly connected industry insider, speaking to THR, described the Oscars’ willingness to accommodate anti-vaxxers.

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Chris Gardner, a reporter for The Hollywood Reporter tweeted this: “Wow, this news. Every single event that I’ve gone to has required proof of vaccination. Could this mean that one of or multiple nominees are not vaccinated and they don’t want to exclude them?”

And reporter Rebecca Ford from Vanity Fair all but confirmed what Chris Gardner said when she responded to his tweet with a simple “yep.


So, who is this A-lister? Is there more than one person?


One theory being floated is that it’s the host(s) of the Oscars who are unvaccinated.

Comedian Leslie Jordan and actor Tracee Ellis Ross are the hosts.

Most on the left theorize Mel Gibson is the likely unvaccinated candidate.

Give me a break. They’d be happy to boot Mel from the building.

My guess is that it’s more than one person and whomever they are, are not attending SAG or Golden Globes because they’re still requiring the vax mandates.

So, if someone has time, they can go through and figure it out that way.

Whatever is going on, it’s absolutely infuriating that the elites get to enjoy the champagne life and live at a completely different level than us peasants.


While over-the-top accommodations are made for elites, middle-class Americans have been losing their livelihoods, and nobody’s even blinked an eye over it.

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