Even Ilhan Omar is Disgusted With What’s Happening To Canadians Who Supported Freedom Truckers

Even Ilhan Omar is Disgusted With What’s Happening To Canadians Who Supported Freedom Truckers

You know things must be bad when radical looney-toons Ilhan Omar is questioning the tactics taken against the Canadian truckers and their supporters.


Omar published a tweet today condemning journalists for reporting on a small business owner’s donation to the truck convoy, saying “journalists need to do better.”

This comes after someone hacked into the “Give Send Go” donor list and now reporters and politicians are doxxing and threatening supporters.

It’s disgusting to do this to anyone or any group.

The right to protest does not only belong to the left.

MORE NEWS: [VIDEO] Canada Tells Trump Supporters “Be Worried About Freezing Bank Accounts if You Donated to Truckers”

Imagine if BLM was treated this way? And they were burning down cities all over the world…

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Check it out:

It’s bizarre to agree with Ilhan, but that’s how CRAZY this whole thing has gotten.

Needless to say, conservatives on Twitter seemed bewildered by Ilhan’s rare moment of clarity:

“Never thought I’d agree with Ilhan Omar om something, but here we are.”

“now i feel bad for my omar jokes. she’s right.”

“I never thought I’d retweet this person in complete agreement.”

“Looks like Hell has indeed frozen over. #Omarhasbeenkidnapped”

“Did someone hack your phone?”

“2022 is messing with my head, I actually agree with Ilhan…”

“I am unironically RTing Illhan Omar who is 100% right here”

This entire movement against the Freedom Truckers has turned so ugly.

Now, Trudeau and his goon squad will freeze people’s bank accounts who are involved with and/or supported the movement, or if you support Trump, apparently.

That’s how insanely Marxist this has gotten.

One member of the Canadian Parliament says he’s had enough of this and he’s voting against the Emergencies Act measure.


This tweet really says it all, doesn’t it?

Clearly, Canada is going through something quite similar to what’s happening in the U.S.


The government and the media are now weaponized against their political opposition and they will do anything to destroy them.

This is called communism… and that’s who today’s leftists are.


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